The Jura Office Coffee Machine Solution

The Jura range of bean to cup coffee machinesare ideal for use in an office setting.  All of the commercial machines that we offer produce a range of coffee based drinks at a touch of a button.  Whether your office requires 20 coffees a day or 200 coffees a day the Jura range has a piece of equipment for you.

At the lower end the Jura C9 is a very compact, easy to use coffee machine that will produce latte, cappuccino and espresso at teh touch of a button.  The C9 is well priced and very popular for the small office.  At the other end of the scale is the Jura Giga X9 coffee machine.  Jura suggest that this machine will cope with up to 250 drinks per day.  It can produce a range of coffee based drinks including those that you would expect such as latte and cappuccino as well as being able to produce two drinks at the same time.  The Giga X9 has two coffee bean hoppers and as such you can use two different beans to create different styles of drinks.  You could for instance have a caffeinated and decaffeinated bean, or a light roasted coffee and a dark roasted coffee.  We can even program the machine use a blend of both beans to produce a truly unique coffee, your very own blend!

None of the Jura range of machines offer hot chocolate however they do offer a stand along hot chocolate machine enabling you to provide your office staff with a rich and indulgent drink produced from either our Cadburys or Suchards hot chocolate powders.  None of the Jura range of machines are designed to provide a large amount of hot water so if you are wanting to offer your staff the facility to draw off large amounts of hot water for tea then we would suggest that you position a dedicated hot water boiler along side your coffee machine.  The problem with expecting your coffee machine to supply all of your hot water is that you will inevitably have short breaks where the machine is out of use whilst it fills up and re-heats the water.

For more information on the Jura range of office coffee machines please call the office.  We are the premier supplier of the Jura range of equipment in the London area.

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