The most popular office coffee vending machines to rent in London

The area of the country that we supply more office coffee vending machines into than any other in the country is London, and specifically central London (West End and The City).  The most popular machine in this area for us has historically been the Kenco Singles brewer.  There are many reasons for this popularity.  First and foremost the drinks range is extensive and the quality of those drinks, particularly the filter coffees is great.  The coffee is genuine filter coffee and as such is a great improvement if what you are used to is instant coffee from a jar.  The machine itself is relatively small and as such will fit into most workplaces.  It also has theflexibility of being able to be plumbed into your water supply or being filled manually.  Again this option makes it easy to be placed into almost any environment.  Another great advantage of this system, particularly in these days of financial hardship, is the relatively low cost of the machine.  Shortly the new Kenco Singles machine will be launched with an even smaller footprint and a more modern look.  The other news is that there will be two additions to the Kenco Singles drinks capsule range.  These are a Cadbury drinking chocolate drink and a new two stage cappuccino drink.  The Cadbury option speaks for itself while the two stage drink will offer a larger, more genuine cappuccino than is available in the existing range.

Whilst the Kenco Singles machine is still our most popular coffee system that we rent out in London our range of bean to cup coffee machines are rapidly catching up in popularity.  These have been a great addition to our range of office coffee machines.   The most popular of these has proved to be the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine.  This is relatively compact table top machine that offers a range of genuine bean to cup coffee specialities as well as delicious frothy hot chocolate.  It is easy to use and easy to clean adn maintain.  We have offered this system for over two years now and it has proved to be the most reliable bean to cup coffee machine that we have ever offered.  When set up correctly I challenge you to tell the difference between a cappuccino made from this machine (with Milfresh) and a cappuccino made from fresh milk.  It really is that good!

The trend in recent years in office coffee machines has been for table top systems such as the Kenco Singles brewer or the Korinto bean to cup machine.  However there are still some scenarios where a floor standing coffee vending machine is more practical.  In these instances there is still a desire to offer a good quality coffee.  Where this is the case the Astro coffee vending machine is a good choice.  It offers the same quality of bean to cup coffee as the Korinto but with a wider drinks choice, an internal sugar canister and an internal cup dispenser.  It can also be fitted with a full change giver which allows you to charge for drinks if you so wish.  There is also the ability for the machine to produce drinks of a 12oz size, mimicking the drinks offer from a high street coffee shop.

As you can see we offer a wide range of office coffee vending machines to rent or lease in London.  Whatever type of system you are looking for please do give our office a call.  We would be happy to advise you on the most appropriate choice.

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