The Total Office Coffee Vending Machine Solution

Whether you are looking for a floor standing coffee vending machine for a factory or a high quality table top bean to cup coffee machine for an office then we have a solution for you.

If you have a factory or warehouse where large numbers of drinks need to be dispensed and where cost is an issue then a machine like the Astro Coffee Vending machine may be ideal.  This can dispense a variety of hot drinks very quickly and cost effectively.  The machine is robust, reliable and easy to use.  It is also fully automatic so you simply press a couple of buttons and then your drink is delivered.  You can even use your own mug if you prefer.  Tea, coffee, cappuccino, latte, decaffeinated coffees, drinking chocolate and soups are all available.

If however you have a smart office where you like to make a good impression then a bean to cup coffee machine such as the Korinto or the Jura X9 is a good bet.  The Jura uses fresh milk and produces a range of coffee specialities including cappuccino, latte and espresso.  The Korinto bean to cup coffee machine produces the same range of coffee specialities but uses a granulated milk.  However it will also produce hot chocolate and mocha which the Jura won’t.  Most people instinctively assume that the quality of the coffees will be superior through the fresh milk bean to cup machine but you may be surprised at how good the milk substitute is.  The advantage of using Milfresh is that the need for cleaning is drastically reduced.  In an office environment this is often seen as a big plus.

Many companies like to offer a coffee vending machine in their reception area.  The Kenco Singles brewer is ideal for this.  It looks great, is easy to use and produces a quality filter coffee.  It also takes very little looking after.  Again, in a reception area you don’t necessarily want a coffee machine that requires constant attention.

If you have a meeting or conference area then a Kenco Singles machine is a good option for the same reasons why it fits well into a reception area.  Alternatively you could go for one of the Bunn range of bulk brew coffee machines.  These are highly robust and can produce a large quantity of filter coffee in a short space of time.  This might be required if you have a number of people all wanting coffee at the same time.

Whether you wanted a bean to cup coffee machine, a bulk brew machine or an office coffee vending machine Kenco Local Business Service has a solution for you.  Call the office for more details.

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