The Versatile Kenco Singles Brewer

The Kenco Singles brewer was launched way back in 1995, initially by a dedicated Kraft sales force throughout London and the Southeast of England and subsequently to the rest of the UK. It was aimed largely at serving niche areas such as office receptions, meeting/boardrooms and lounge areas since it was small, extremely simple to use and maintain and was able to offer a wide range of high quality Kenco filter coffees, branded leaf teas such as PG Tips and Twinings  as well as Suchard continental style chocolate in a tidy and convenient format that virtually eliminated any mess. It also permitted the use of fresh milk and creamers that could be added to taste along with the option of using china cups/mugs. The overall image was one of quality and sophistication that was desirable in places where a drink was being offered to potential clients/existing customers and where it reflected the company’s own high, professional standards. This is a role that to this day it continues to fulfil very successfully and it remains a core piece of equipment in the KLBS arsenal.

The popularity of the Kenco Singles brewer undoubtedly may be attributed in part to its ability to meet the aforementioned requirements but it is also down to the, perhaps unexpected versatility of the system. Even back in its early days you could find many Esso service stations serving their customers hot drinks ‘on the go’ using this unassuming little machine…a role it accomplished with aplomb. As it became more and more widespread its reputation for quality, convenience and reliability grew in stature and many other types of businesses found it to be the ideal solution for the provision of hot drinks.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have placed the Kenco Singles brewer in many diverse businesses such as golf course club houses/hotels/car dealerships/medical practices/hair dressers where patrons may be easily served (or indeed help themselves!) and the offer is largely free or restaurants/pubs/cafes where the drink is served over the counter and speed of preparation is essential.

Many offices have chosen the system to serve their staff rather than traditional vending favouring filter coffee over instant and also because more and more people like to be able to use their own mugs rather than plastic/paper vending cups. It also allows for fresh coffee to be delivered where a bean 2 cup machine might be too maintenance intensive and they need to be able to serve tea and chocolate from one system. Over and above these advantages the entry cost to acquire a Kenco Singles brewer is extremely competitive, especially compared to bean 2 cup equipment.

The Kenco Singles brewer has had many face lifts over the years and now in 2012 its latest incarnation has now become available. This year the modernization is more than just cosmetic in that it now occupies a smaller footprint making it even more convenient and space saving where room is at a premium.

Along with the equipment’s new look a 2 stage Kenco cappuccino has been launched to augment the extensive Kenco Singles range that delivers a high quality larger frothy cappuccino which we know will prove very popular with new and existing customers alike!

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