Things to be aware of when buying your coffee machine online

There are a lot of coffee machine companies who will sell you a coffee machine online without you speaking to a salesman or without having someone visiting to have a look at your site requirements.  In some cases this works out fine but often a customer will end up with a machine that is unsuitable, that they have to install themselves,  doesn’t have the service back up you would expect and when they try to contact the company they cannot get hold of them.

We had an instance only a few months ago where a company called us for help.  They had purchased a bean to cup coffee machine from an online coffee machine company.  The machine arrived in a box.  When they called the company to arrange for an installation and some training they couldn’t get hold of anyone on the phone for days, as the phone just rang and rang.  When they did get hold of someone they were told that the price did not include installation.  A bean to cup coffee machine really does need to be set up by a trained technician and staff need to be trained in how to use and look after the machine.  Obviously in this instance Kenco Local business Service stepped into the breach.  It was a machine that we are familiar with and so one of our trained technicians popped out to set the machine up and give the training that was required.  In this example everything turned out ok as we were able to pick up the slack.  However beware as there are a lot of companies on the internet who will sell you a coffee machine and then when it’s been delivered they want nothing more to do with it.

Another problem that can arise if you simply use a shop and cart internet website to purchase your coffee machine is with the warranty.  Often these machines are sold without a warranty or with a “return to base” warranty.  This means that if there is a problem then the machine needs to be boxed up and sent back to the supplier.  Obviously this is often impractical, a hassle and leads to you being without a coffee machine for a long period of time.  All of our coffee machines are supplied with a full on site warranty covering all call out, parts and labour.

There is a lot to think about but rest assured that when you deal with Kenco Local Business Service you will always get a fair deal and we have the technical support to sort out any problems that do arise.  For peace of mind when ordering your office coffee machine call the office and ask to speak to one of our sales team.  They are very experienced and keen to help.

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