Trials and demonstrations of our office coffee machines

We are always happy to offer a trial or demonstration of any of our office coffee machines.  If you would simply like to see a demonstration of the system that you are looking at then it may be possible for one of our sales team to visit your office with a machine on order for us to demonstrate it.  Alternatively if this is not practical we can often arrange for you to visit one of our local customers in order to see that particular office coffee machine in action.  Please bear in mind that it is not practical to bring very large equipment to demonstrate and a site visit to one of our customers would make more sense.  As mentioned above trial periods can certainly be arranged and there would be no obligation to continue with the machine after the period ends however we would expect that the machine is paid for over the period of the trial and that all consumables used are purchased.  We do this mostly to ensure that those companies that would like a trial are actually serious about potentially taking a machine from us.

If you are interested in a coffee vending machine then please give us a call.  One of our experienced sales team would be happy to visit you and talk through the options available to you and if you would like, arrange for a demonstration or trial machine.

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