Vending solutions for medium to large sized businesses

Many of our vending enquiries come from medium to large sized companies with over 50 staff. Such businesses typically have a range of requirements because the solutions need to be spread across a number of floors and also must take into account special areas like the reception and meeting rooms as well as the general office areas for office based staff and sometimes even a factory/warehouse site.

Alongside that is the question of pay vend versus free vend solutions. Obviously in the meeting room/reception is largely inappropriate to charge potential customers and visitors whereas it may be company policy to charge staff at least a nominal fee or allow a daily free drink allowance – particularly important in these difficult economic climes.

Receptions & Meeting rooms

We generally find that these areas require a higher quality system that is small and inconspicuous and is free vend. Small tabletop machines like the Kenco Singles brewer or a small Bean 2 Cup machine such as the Jura Xs90 tend to fit the bill perfectly since both systems can deliver high grade ground Kenco coffees into china cups which is often important to give the right first impression.
Where coffee alone is sufficient then the bias is towards the specialist bean 2 cup machine but where a range of coffees/tea/chocolate is desired then the Kenco Singles brewer comes to the fore. These areas are typically low usage environments and so the need to plumb the equipment in is rare. Both the Kenco Singles brewer and a number of the smaller bean 2 cup machines are available a manual fill but may be plumb if deemed necessary.

The general office areas

There are a wide variety of machines that can be used in these general locations but the most commonly used machines are floor standing traditional incup/soluble machines that can do a range of freeze-dried coffees/leaf tea/chocolate/soups. They are also able to have a coin mechanism that permits the customer to either charge and so cover costs or add an element of restriction where drinks may be part subsidised or an allocation of free drinks is available to staff on a daily basis. These type of machines are also able to cope with larger usage figures and are very easy to keep clean and maintain.
Floor standing equipment is generally either the larger fully automatic systems or the smaller floor standing models with a lesser range of drinks available. Whether a company opts for banking the larger automatic hot drinks machine at a single location (perhaps alongside a snacks/cold drinks vendor) or chooses to have a number of smaller machines at strategic locations throughout the site depends upon circumstances. For example, a site that has many floors and doesn’t wish to have employees travelling a long distance to get their coffee may well decide that a smaller machine on each floor is the ideal. However, a business that has a dedicated break room or kitchen area may decide that banking a larger automatic machine is preferable.

The warehouse/factory floor

Like the office environment the warehouse/factory floor generally is better suited to a floor standing traditional incup/soluble automatic machine. This is because the overriding requirement is typically to be able to vend a range of teas/coffees/chocolate/soups quickly with little or no fuss. The environment may also be exposed to the outside elements to a certain degree (despatch doors are often left open) and although these type of systems may not be directly exposed to rain/snow etc they are less susceptible to temperature/humidity changes and a number of them are very robust (although they will not take a direct hit from a fork lift truck).
Automatic machines are also able to have a cashless payment system retro-fitted should the production line/warehouse staff not be permitted to carry coins for health and safety reasons.

Whatever solution you feel is best for you please give Kenco Local Business Service a call.  We would be happy to talk you through the options if you need a bit of advice.

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