What is the best type of coffee machine for your canteen?

Different coffee machines are suitable for many different applications.  If you have a busy canteen that will be used heavily over a short space of time then you will need a different systems than if you are looking for an office coffee machine that might be used steadily throughout the day.  There two main types of coffee vending machine that you might be looking for.  One is a counter top system that will dispense a large number of drinks in a relatively short space of time.  The other is a floor standing machine that again will dispense quickly.  You might be looking for a bean to cup option but please bear in mind that these will dispense much more slowly than a machine that uses instant ingredients.  Typically a bean to cup drink might take 30 – 40 seconds to dispense where a drink made from purely soluble ingredients like coffee granules will dispense in a few seconds.

If you are looking at a table top machine then the N& W Kobalto would be an ideal choice.  It is a heavy duty table top coffee vending machine capable of dealing with a high workload.  It is available in an instant ingredient format or as a bean to cup coffee machine.  Either version will deal with a high workload as it has two systems and the power supply can be upgraded from 13amps to give it extra capacity.  In addition to this the product canisters are large meaning that you do not have to continually be filling them up.

If you are looking for a floor standing coffee vending machine to cope with a large number of vends then the Astro is a good choice.  Like the Kobalto it is available as either a soluble ingredient machine or as a bean to cup system.  It has a large cup capacity and also gives the user the option to use their own mug.  Like the Kobalto it has large ingredient canisters which cuts down the number of times that you need to fill them up.

Either of these systems will cope with a high workload, you just have to decide if you want a counter top machine or a floor standing coffee vending machine.  As I mentioned earlier please be aware that if you want a bean to cup offer both machines can provide this but the dispense time is much longer.  A few seconds extra per drink does not sound like much but if you have a long queue of people waiting for a coffee it can be a problem.  One way to get around this problem is to have two bean to cup machines next to each other.  This certainly will cut down the queuing time but quite obviously has cost implications.  We have other systems in our portfolio that can offer a solution for a canteen and it is worth taking some advice from our experienced sales team as the wrong offer in a busy canteen can be a real problem.

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