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Kenco Local Business Service are an ideal choice of supplier of the Jura coffee machine range in London.  Due to the incredible popularity of the range there are a large number of companies who purport to supply them.  On the face of it there are a large number of options if you are looking to acquire these systems to use as office coffee machines in London.  However the reality is quite different.

Many of these companies that supply what is quite a specialised piece of equipment have little or no back up to offer.  This lack of back up can take the form of no salesmen to offer advice as to which machine is the most suitable or no technicians to set the machine up for you.  In the worst cases it can even mean that they cannot honour warranties that are sold with the machine and certainly can’t offers any extended cover or support after the first year.  Another issue that can arise is a lack of expertise to offer in the form of advice.  What this means is that if you phone up for a bit of technical advice or to find out how to get the best drink out of the machine then these companies don’t know where to start.  Some of them will contract out the technical work and installations to a third party.  Again this does cause problems as this costs the company contracting them in every time so they will tend to try their best not to call them.  To the end user this often means excuses not to send out a technician or attempts to charge for what should be covered under warranty.

The difference with us is that we can offer comprehensive warranties provided by our own in house service team.  This means that we have full control over response times and spare parts availability.  We also make sure that our technicians are all fully trained on the equipment that they might be asked to service (something which is not always the case with other companies).  It also means that if you require a little extra training on how to look after your office coffee machine in London Kenco Local Business Service can easily accommodate this request.  Alternatively if you simply need a bit of advice over the phone we can offer this too.  We also find that some London offices do not want a formal warranty but would rather call us out on an occasional basis if and when they need some service support.  Again because of our flexibility we can easily offer this service.

Kenco Local Business Service also carry all of the Jura filters and cleaning products in stock so if you need these we can supply them very quickly in addition to as many coffee beans as you want!

As you can see with our expertise and experience together with the products that we keep in stock we are the ideal choice if you are looking for a supplier of Jura office coffee machines in London.  If you would like some advice or any information on this range of equipment please call the office on 01494 785808.

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