Have exotic coffee with hot drinks vending machine

The taste of drinks from vending machines is indeed good and we tend to like it all the more as well but what about the long term? In spite of the fact that the taste of the coffee is enriching and great, yet it only long lasts for a week or so as it turns sour in just few days. But thanks to  a hot drinks vending machine , the taste remains the same for weeks. It has the taste which can be termed as quite enriching. We love to have coffee since it offers energy and we tend to feel refreshed and rejuvenated like never before. Hence, it has made an integral part in our lives. Any time we tend to feel exhausted we have it from hot drinks vending machine . It is beyond doubt that vending machines stand out to be the perfect way of improving the productivity of every one be it of employees or others. You just need to place the hot drinks vending machine any where you want.

A cup of coffee is often enough to give an energy boost and we tend to work even harder as well. In such a hectic life we tend to feel a bit low especially at certain time of the day and we feel sleepy as well. Hence, this is the time when the importance of drinks vending machine increase. It does not need any sort of supervision and it can easily be installed in the office as well. Market is flooded with various online sellers and you just need to choose the one who is the best among the rest.

Hot drinks vending machine give you the perfect opportunityto revive yourself. The best thing to serve clients or  is coffee since it has its own class and every one love to have it as well. Hence there are numerous benefits of the same as well. If you are not in a position to buy drinks vending machine , you can  rent one. It is important to buy the machine from reputed companies. They are the ones which offer and provide various ranges of quality vending machines so that your business needs can be addressed in the best possible way. If you take care of the employees, then the productivity will rise even further.

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Relish the taste of Espresso like never before

Market is flooded with various espresso coffee machines . They are in the form of manual, semi automatic along with the super automatic as well. As you read the following article you will get to know in detail about the capabilities of various machines.

Manual Espresso Coffee Machine

You are required to add coffee grinds along with water. You need to control the frother if  you are in the process of making cappuccinos or lattes.

2. Semi Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

You need to press the button after switching the machine on. As the espresso is made, turn it off. You have to be particular with the fact that the water reservoir needs to be filled and equally ensure that there are sufficient beans within the grinder as well.

3. Full or Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

In this machine, you do not have to do anything since it is has a fully integrated water system. It is directly attached with the water supply. The coffee grinder grinds the beans. As you push the button, the machine gets all the work done in order to present you with the enriching and exotic cup of espresso coffee. In the process, all the used beans are ejected and placed in an internal bin. You can remove it after taking it out.

While you choose among these three, it is important for you to ask yourself as to how convenient you want to be. If in case you love making coffee and involve yourself in every bit of the process, then Manual espresso coffee machine is the ideal choice for you. However, on the other hand, if in case you want to relax and sit back then other two choices are for you. Higher the number of facilities the bigger the cost. The Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine will be the most expensive and largest in size as well, hence taking up a lot of space.

If you are a cappuccino lover then you would probably like to have a cappuccino coffee machine .  You will enjoy and relish each and every single sip that you would usually have to go out and buy. You can go online and search for the reviews of a particular model as and when you are about to buy. This will reduce the time and possible inconvenience involved in making a new puchase and an informed decision can be made.  By far the best option is to talk to a reputable company that can provide advice and ongoing support.

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Some of the enriching ways to help you in ensuring greater amount of profits

Do you want to start a business which ensures promising returns? If yes, then do not go any where else. Read the whole article and derive ways to start a business which promised good returns on daily basis. Now coffee vending machines are synonymous with being a great business choice and you can install them at some prominent areas of the city which are highly frequented by the people. You need to stick with efficient methods so that you can get higher profits. These machines are perfect for airports, departmental stores, work places along with party locations as well.

Following are some of the enriching ways which will help you in ensuring greater amount of profits.

It is important to select the machine which has the facility of dispensing more than a cup size. Hence, in facilitates the clients to select from wide variety of choices. You need to properly analyse the space where the vending machine is going to be installed

•  You can get the restored coffee vending machine, but you have to inspect it in detail. In this way you can save a bit as well.

•  It is imperative for you to have a detailed inspection of the site where you are going to install it.

•  Coffee machine will not serve any purpose if you are installing near coffee shops or snack bar.

•  Similarly remote areas are equally not suitable as well. Hence you need to survey in a great way so as to corner down places where it is potentially viable option for you to have.

•  It is important to periodically inspect the condition of the machine so that you can repair it before it gets too late for you.

•  Finally as you earn in a handsome way you have to have to distribute the income with the owner where you have set your machine.

Kenco coffee has to the credit of being the leading coffee companies since 1920’s and it been serving guests with its aromatic and highly exotic coffee since then. Kenco coffee maker is indeed outstanding of its class. You will love yourself for buying it. Besides supplying coffee in stores they also sell inkstand coffee machines. Kenco coffee maker is bereft with various options. On inserting a count or token you will get the drinks. Thanks to the coffee maker, you can have the luxury of having various hot beverages as well. So what are you waiting for?

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Make the perfect cup of coffee at the comfort of your home

Have you thought of having a personalized coffee machine so that you can make the perfect cup of coffee at the comfort of your home? Does the high cost of machine deter you in buying it? If yes is your answer, then read the following article since it will arm you with detailed and authentic information which will go a long way in giving you the best possible option of buying the appropriate coffee machines for sale . Now the machine will not burn a hole in your pocket as there are various coffee machines for sale which are quite cost effective. Hence it will not be out of your range. Hence it is important for you to allot a specific budget for buying the machine.

It is important for you to search for the right model along with brand apart from taking care of the price as well. There are some of the factors which you cannot overlook as they are very important such as

Are you looking for a single cup machine or for multiple cups?

Do you want the brand to impart multiple functions or a single function?

Is the brand a reputed one?

Is the machine easy to maintain or there are too many complications which you have to take care of?

These are some of the important questions which you should have the answer for so that your needs and requirements can be addressed. Thereby, you can be near to searching for the right brand and model of the coffee machines for sale . You will get at a discounted price in various departmental stores who have such items in a large number. You need to take the help of reviews in getting to know the reliability of the machine as well.

There are various departmental stores which are selling coffee machines UK for sale. It depends the specific time of the year for you to be eligible for discounts which are there on various coffee machines. You can get them during off season or holidays. Although you get Coffee machines for sale throughout the year yet they might not have whopping discounts. You can equally take the assistance of paper coupons or online coupon codes in order to avail discounts as well. Hence, this is the way you can begin searching for the right model or brand that might be available on sale or at a discounted price.

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London dispenses a variety of coffee

London is one of the few cities where people love to have coffee every now and then thanks to the chilling weather. The city has been dispensing a variety of coffee for a long time. Increasing numbers of people are relishing the taste. Coffee machine London has undergone various changes over time. Now you can have a taste of brewed coffee, incessant coffee or freshly ground one as and when you want and at any place. Thanks to the coffee machines which are vending the beverage of your likings and taste. All it takes for you is to spend just a small amount and thereby you will experience the pleasant change for ever.

Now, you do not have to search for the right taste. Coffee roasting is bereft with various degrees and it depends on the taste of coffee which you want to have. Either you can roast it light to give the lighter taste which does not have any sort of roast flavour. Or you can roast it dark in order to feel and experience the smoky and sweet intense flavour of the coffee. You can also grind your own.  The best coffee machine London for a large office or restaurants is an industrial coffee machine. There are various ranges and models of coffee machines which are available. It is up to you to choose the one which is based on your needs and requirements.

There are automated coffee machines UK which will grind, brew and filter the coffee. All you have to do is to push the button and your coffee is ready within a minute. It is important for you to get in touch with a genuine and authorised stockest or contact directly with the manufacturer. Hence in this way, you will be sure of getting the authentic product which equally has a guarantee and a proper warranty as well. Now, you can have the luxury of having freshly ground beans, needless to say that it is indeed quite tempting. Hence, your morning will become special and as the day starts in a good way then you should be assured of the fact that your whole day becomes special as well.

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Olympic delivery woes in London

It is already looking like the Olympics are having an effect on the traffic in London and as such on our deliveries.  If you based in London and are ordering products for your coffee vending machines then please bear in mind that these may take longer than normal to complete.  We are doing our best to fulfill every order in a timely fashion but we may find that some of this is out of our hands.  The same problems apply to our technicians so please also bear in mind that it may take longer than normal for a technician to attend your faulty coffee vending machine.

We do have a full compliment of staff working as normal over the Olympics but please understand that it may take longer for deliveries and fault calls.  We will endeavour to get through them as quickly as possible.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Vending

Sadly many people’s opinion of floor standing coffee vending machines is a largely negative one.  Over the years office coffee vending machines have gotten a bad reputation for using poor ingredients, small cheap plastic cups and being badly looked after.  All of this means that the product delivered has, in the past, been insipid in taste and often lacking the appearance that you may have come to expect of a cappuccino from your favourite coffee shop.  Having said all of this it is important to state that you no longer have to accept this quality of drink from your office coffee vending machine.

The Kenco bean to cup K bar offers you a larger 9oz bean to cup coffee in a quality branded paper cup that actually looks like the cappuccino or latte that you are expecting.  The drink is made out of real coffee beans and Milfresh.  Milfresh is 100% milk granules which give you a genuine milk froth on your frothy drinks.  There are no sweeteners or other additives contained in this product, only skimmed milk.  The K Bar is a fully automatic system that can be fitted with a full change giving payment system and also a chiller unit in case you wanted to dispense chilled fruit drinks as well as the range of freshly ground coffees.  In other words all you have to do is press a button and your cappuccino or chilled fruit drink is delivered, ready made, to you in an attractively branded paper cup.

A good alternative to the K bar is the Astro coffee vending system.  Again this can be bean to cup and offers the same range of freshly ground coffees as does the k bar.  However with the Astro you have the ability to dispense into either paper or plastic cups from 7 to 12ozs in size or even have the machine to dispense your drink directly into your own mug.  Over the years many people in many different work places have told us that the receptacle that they prefer to drink out of is their own mug.  In addition to this the Astro can produce a fresh brew tea made from real PG Tips tea leaves as well as giving you decaffeinated options and even a soup.  There is strength adjustment on the machine allowing you to tailor the drink to your specific requirements.  It is also possible to fit almost any payment system onto it including a full change giver or a card system which can be integrated into your access or security systems.

As these machines demonstrate you do not have to accept poor quality drinks in your office coffee vending machine.  It is entirely possible to produce a coffee that is comparable with a high street coffee shop.

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Refurbished coffee vending machines to rent

A refurbished coffee vending machine is often a very good option as it allows us to offer you a much more flexible (and often cheaper) rental or lease deal than we would be able to on brand new equipment.  This can translate into much shorter term contracts which in today’s uncertain economic climate is often a big plus point.  Typically we will rent these machines directly with no need for a lease company.  This means cheaper rates and none of the extra fees that typically are incurred in a true lease agreement.

The one downside that all of this brings is that we only have available what we have in stock whereas with a new piece of equipment we can order in anything that you want.  Having said this we do have a very wide range of equipment available as refurbished.  The coffee vending machines available include the K Bar, Network and Connections in cup machines and the very popular Kenco Singles machine.  On top of this we have bean to cup coffee systems including a number of Jura, Colibri, Neva and Neva Duo machines.  Currently we even have a number of the Bunn bulk brew coffee machines in our warehouse. 

If you think that any of these machines are what you are looking for then please call us and we will be delighted to go through the rent options available to you.

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The Versatile Kenco Singles Brewer

The Kenco Singles brewer was launched way back in 1995, initially by a dedicated Kraft sales force throughout London and the Southeast of England and subsequently to the rest of the UK. It was aimed largely at serving niche areas such as office receptions, meeting/boardrooms and lounge areas since it was small, extremely simple to use and maintain and was able to offer a wide range of high quality Kenco filter coffees, branded leaf teas such as PG Tips and Twinings  as well as Suchard continental style chocolate in a tidy and convenient format that virtually eliminated any mess. It also permitted the use of fresh milk and creamers that could be added to taste along with the option of using china cups/mugs. The overall image was one of quality and sophistication that was desirable in places where a drink was being offered to potential clients/existing customers and where it reflected the company’s own high, professional standards. This is a role that to this day it continues to fulfil very successfully and it remains a core piece of equipment in the KLBS arsenal.

The popularity of the Kenco Singles brewer undoubtedly may be attributed in part to its ability to meet the aforementioned requirements but it is also down to the, perhaps unexpected versatility of the system. Even back in its early days you could find many Esso service stations serving their customers hot drinks ‘on the go’ using this unassuming little machine…a role it accomplished with aplomb. As it became more and more widespread its reputation for quality, convenience and reliability grew in stature and many other types of businesses found it to be the ideal solution for the provision of hot drinks.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have placed the Kenco Singles brewer in many diverse businesses such as golf course club houses/hotels/car dealerships/medical practices/hair dressers where patrons may be easily served (or indeed help themselves!) and the offer is largely free or restaurants/pubs/cafes where the drink is served over the counter and speed of preparation is essential.

Many offices have chosen the system to serve their staff rather than traditional vending favouring filter coffee over instant and also because more and more people like to be able to use their own mugs rather than plastic/paper vending cups. It also allows for fresh coffee to be delivered where a bean 2 cup machine might be too maintenance intensive and they need to be able to serve tea and chocolate from one system. Over and above these advantages the entry cost to acquire a Kenco Singles brewer is extremely competitive, especially compared to bean 2 cup equipment.

The Kenco Singles brewer has had many face lifts over the years and now in 2012 its latest incarnation has now become available. This year the modernization is more than just cosmetic in that it now occupies a smaller footprint making it even more convenient and space saving where room is at a premium.

Along with the equipment’s new look a 2 stage Kenco cappuccino has been launched to augment the extensive Kenco Singles range that delivers a high quality larger frothy cappuccino which we know will prove very popular with new and existing customers alike!

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Some Interesting coffee facts…….

One of our sales tea, Greg Deaton, has done a bit of research and come up with the following titbits…….

Coffee’s effects were first noticed in the 9th century by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goatherd who realised his goats were getting frisky when they ate coffee beans.

Coffee beans are in fact a pit inside the bright red coffee cherry fruit which tastes similar to apricots.

It was the spread of Islam that made coffee a widespread drink as a substitute to alcohol.

In old Arabic culture a woman could legally divorce her husband if he didn’t provide her with ample coffee.

Charles II attempted to ban coffee by closing down the coffee bars in 1675 believing it would curb any attempts at rebellion – it didn’t last!

The first web cam was used in Cambridge University to allow people in different areas to see if the coffee pot was full or not!

The most expensive coffee bean is  Kopi Luwak and it is anything from $100-$600 per pound.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil.

And finally, over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year.

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