Hit the Jackpot with Coffee Vending Machines

A simple way to make a lot of money is to set up a coffee vending machine in your office or shop or eatery. Coffee is the most drunk hot beverage around the world. Any place where there are plenty of people that are working, commuting, or waiting can turn into a jackpot location for your coffee vending machine . There are so many reasons people drink coffee. It could be to while away an idle hour, to slake thirst, to overcome tiredness and get mental neurons jumping or even to warm up. It is for you to capitalize on this anytime is coffee time trend and earn a lot of money.

Putting up a coffee vending machine in the office can bring in some much needed cash if the staff are expected to pay for their beverages. This is truer of coffee vending machines that can vend specialty drinks like espresso, latte and mocha. It is unlikely that people will object since the coffee vending machine dispenses their drink of choice without having to go the extra effort of going out of the office and waiting to be served in a café or specialty coffee house.

For the diffident and cautious people there is always the coffee vending machine rental option. Quite understandably such people may not be willing to put a whole lot of funds at stake for what is a new venture or new location for them. Coffee vending machine rental reduces the risk factor since they have the option of returning the machine to the rental company if for some reason the location or business does not prove to be as profitable as expected. Additionally coffee vending machine rental allows you to ask for a different model which is more appropriate for your clientele.

There are many kinds of models of coffee vending machines . When you are unsure of which model will be most successful for your location, coffee vending machine rental allows you to try out different models and gauge the response. You might even need to offer other hot drinks like cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate. Check to see which model is most efficient.

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An Option Worth Exploring: Vending Machine Rental

These are times when it has become even more imperative to conserve resources. So, if you need to acquire vending machines for whatever reason, then it would be a splendid idea to look at vending machines for sale . You could alternatively look at the available options for vending machines rental . There is considerable difference in the two options. When you look for vending machines for sale , you know that you are not being offered machines fresh out of the showroom.

If you are lucky, you might get gently used machines. When you buy vending machines for sale from someone who rushed into the vending business with stars in his/her eyes without doing adequate research, the likelihood of doing so increases. S/he would have bought a number of high end machines which were not required for the location or worse — before suitable locations were found for them. In some cases it might be a family tragedy which makes people put vending machines for sale even when they are in perfectly good functional order. Just check physically, if possible, the condition in which the machines are. You don’t want to save money on initial outlay by buying vending machines for sale and then spend a fortune in repairs and maintenance.

The other option of getting vending machine on rental is better in the sense that you are not stuck with a model which may not be suitable for your office or shop. The options available can range from rent with maintenance; rent with maintenance and consumables; rent with maintenance, consumables and staff etc. While discussing the terms for vending machine rental make sure that issues like delivery of all consumables, free repairs within 8 hours and staff to fill and clean the machines. On the other hand if your business is smaller companies, you can save money by having the machines installed and their consumables delivered — filling the machine yourself and doing your own simple daily cleaning which takes hardly10 minutes. You should also profit from the experience of the company offering you vending machine rental to decide which product mix to use for your specific location.

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Coffee Vending Machines And Cold Drinks

In this recent heatwave you may be asking your self if it is possible for a coffee vending machine to dispense chilled drinks as well as hot.  The answer is yes, although there are only a few that will.

The Astro coffee vending machine will also dispense a variety of chilled fruit juice flavoured drinks as will the Refresh 1400 and Style 5 In Cup machine.  In our refurbished range the Network and K Bar can be fitted with a chiller unit which allows them to dispense a delicious chilled orange flavoured drink.

Another option is to fit a small can vendor to a coffee vending machine.  This is possible with the Darenth range of equipment.  The style 5 will sit on top of their half size can vendor allowing an all in one hot and cold drinks solution.

An obvious solution is to have a separate can vendor or combination snacks and chilled drinks machine but sometimes there is no room or no budget for one of these as well as the hot drinks machine.  The solutions above will enable you to offer hot and chilled drinks from the same system.  For more information about these or any of our range please give us a call on 01494 785808.

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Choosing the right coffee vending machine for your office

These days a coffee vending machine is a familiar site in most offices.  As you are probably aware there are a great many different models available, indeed the choice can be bewildering.  So the question is where to start and how to make a decision?

Perhaps a good place to start is to ask the question how many people will be using it and therefore roughly how many drinks per day do you think it may have to produce.  The next question is what style of drinks are looking for your system to make and how much cleaning are you prepared to budget for.  

 If you are looking at a low capacity machine producing less than 30 – 40 drinks per day, that also requires very little cleaning, then the Kenco Singles machine is a good bet. It can be either filled with water by hand or plumbed into your mains. The machine itself is relatively low in price althoug the drinks are slightly more than other systems. This makes the Singles brewer ideal in a lower volume site that is looking for good quality filter tea and coffee.

If however you are looking for a bean to cup machine for a smaller site and are happy to do some daily cleaning then the Jura XS90 is a good bet.  It will produce a range of speciality coffees at a touch of a button including cappuccino, latte and espresso.  When comparing it to the Kenco Singles machine the advantages are the drink cost is lower, it will produce frothy coffees with real milk and it will produce a larger drink.  The down sides are that it requires a cleaning cycle to be run every day, the machine itself is much more expensive and it doesn’t produce tea or chocolate.  One other upside of a genuine bean to cup machine in an office environment is that you get the lovely smell of freshly ground coffee permeating through the office.  I think that this is a good thing although perhaps not everyone will agree with me!

If  you are looking for a high capacity machine that requires little looking after then the in cup system is a good one to consider.  A Network or K bar is a fully automatic, floor standing hot drinks machine that will offer a wide range of coffees, hot chocolate, tea and soups with little looking after it required.  The down side is that the coffee is widely regarded as not as good as a bean to cup offer.  An alternative is the Astro bean to cup system.  Like the Network this is a floor standing fully auotomatic machine.  The difference is that the coffee is bean to cup and it can dispense up to a 12oz drink unlike the 7oz in cup drink.  The downside is that it does require more cleaning.  If you are looking for a high capacity bean to cup machine that uses fresh milk then the Jura Giga X9 is a very good option.  It will produce a wide range of speciality coffees at the touch of a button in up to a 12oz measure.  However it will not produce chocolate and tea.  The other point to consider is that like all fresh milk systems it will require a daily cleaning cycle to be run.  Failure to run this will cause a problem and technical problems that are caused by lack of cleaning are not covered under our warranty. 

These are just a few different ideas for your office coffee machine but there are many other different options available.  For some guidance on what is the most suitable system for you please give us a call and we would be happy to send out one of our experienced sales team to give you some advice.

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Wittenborg 7100 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Wittenborg 7100 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Wittenborg 7100 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Kenco Local Business Service have recently placed a couple of the excellent Wittenborg 7100 bean to cup coffee machines.  We have been exceptionally impressed with both the quality of the drinks and the simple maintenance that is required to keep the machine clean and running correctly. 

The machine has a variable dosing coffee brewer, allowing a variety of drinks sizes to be dispensed.  It has up to 23 direct selections available including a full range of coffee based drinks such as cappuccino, latte and espresso.  It will also produce a range of decaffeinated options (made from the soluble decaffeinated coffee canister) and frothy hot chocolate and chocomilk.  It is also possible for the machine to have a jug facility.  What this means is that the 7100 can produce a jug of coffee at the touch of a button.  This can be very useful for meeting or conference rooms.  On top of all of these functions it also look fantastic (as I am sure you will agree).

Another added bonus of this particular system is that it can, internally, be fitted with a full change giving payment system.  This makes it unusual as many of these type of machines need some for of box bolted on the side in order to have a coin mechanism fitted to them.  Bolting a coin mechanism to the side of a machine obviously makes it bigger and heavier, often ruins the look of the machine and also means that very often they will no longer fit on the particular base cabinet that is designed for them.  If you do require it to sit on a table or cabinet then this will create a problem.

The Wittenborg 7100 is perfect for an office environment where you require a high quality coffee system that also looks the part.  It will also suit a bar or hotel situation and indeed anywhere you would like a bean to cup coffee offer but without the hassle of fresh milk.

For more information please give us a call.  We would be happy to arrange a demonstration of this machine, or where practical, any of the machines in our portfolio.

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Servicing Your Coffee Vending Machine

Kenco Local Business Service are happy to service your coffee vending machines wherever you purchased them from.  Obviously if you are buying coffee from us then we will offer you a better price on the servicing than if you are not, but we are happy to do the work either way.  We can offer annual contracts which will cover you machine for both parts and labour costs if it goes wrong.  This is, however, subject to one of our technicians examining your machine first as we will not offer an annual service warranty on a piece of equipment that is already faulty.  Alternatively we can offer service work on a call out and labour basis.  Obviously it is pot luck as to whether this works out cheaper than an annual contract.  We can also offer water filter exchanges at a very competitive rate.  Again we can do this even if you originally sourced you water filters from another company.  In the South East it is very important to fit a water filter as the water is very hard which can cause myriad problems to the internal workings of your coffee machine.

We have our own team of technicians and as such can offer a great service within London, Bucks, Berks and Hertfordshire.  We cover a wide range of equipment including the Kenco Singles machine, the Jura range of coffee machines, the N & W range of coffee and vending machines as well as any older Kenco coffee vending equipment such as Networks and K Bars

For more information or to arrange a service call please give our office a call.

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The kenco Singles Machine Validator

The Kenco Singles machine is still our best selling piece of equipment.  It is easy to use, requires little cleaning, is ultra reliable and produces a very good quality filter coffee as well as a range of teas, hot chocolate and Cappio.  It is also relatively small and as such can fit into a great many spaces that other coffee machines cannot.  One issue that does crop up every now and again however is that of a payment system.  The machine istelf is free vend but it is possible to fit a validator if you wish for the machine to charge for drinks.  This is a coin mechanism thatt fits on the side of the Singles brewer.  The machine will not allow you to put a drinks capsule into it until you have paid the price set on the validator.

On the face of it this sounds like a good fit in places such as golf clubs or offices where you do not want to give the drinks away for free.  However there are a few issues to consider before deciding on the validator.  Firstly the coin mechanism does not give change so your customers will need to have the exact money.  Secondly the capsules are not secured and can be taken without payment as all the validator does is to stop you putting the capsule into the machine, rather than stopping you from taking the capsule.  Obviously the capsule is of little use if you cannot put it into the machine however there are instances where this does not stop people from pinching them.  Lastly if the validator is unplugged from the back of the machine while the power is on, for example by someone thinking that this will get them a free drink, then the main circuit board in the machine can be damaged, rendering the machine inoperable and in need of an expensive repair.

While I would not want to put anyone off of using a Kenco Singles brewer with a validator these are issues that have to be considered.  The last thing that we want is for one of our customers to buy one of these and then discover that there are draw backs to it that they were unaware of.  We would always recommend that you speak to one of our sales team before committing to one of these.  Please give the office a call and one of our account managers will happily visit you to discuss your needs.

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Free loan coffee vending machines

There are a number of companies that will offer you a free on loan coffee vending machine for your office.  However there are often a lot of strings attached to this kind of offer.  Typically there will be a long term commitment, say 5 years, and a big minimum amount of drinks purchases asked of you.  If you do not honour these commitments then there are some draconian penalties in most of these contracts.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we do sometimes offer a free on loan machine.  Typically this tends to be with refurbished equipment as this limits the capital cost to us and allows us to offer you a deal that is less punitive and binding in nature.  We often put out refurbished Kenco Network and K Bar coffee vending equipment on free loan.  In most of these scenarios we will operate the machine for you.  That is to say we will visit your premises to keep the machine filled up and cleaned.  We will collect the money from the cash box as our payment.  The servicing costs of the equipment will also be included within this agreement.  Alternatively if you would like to give you staff free drinks then we can loan the equiopment free to you and simply charge the company for the drinks used at the end of each month.  Again Kenco Local Business Service will visit to keep your machines filled and cleaned.  As before all service work would be included in this agreement.

As we normally use refurbished equipment for this type of deal we can offer some quite flexible deals, for example one year in length, as well as requiring a much lower minimum number of drinks to justify free on loan equipment than our competitors.

Free on loan refurbished equipment is often a great fit for business who do not want very long term contracts and also do not want to pay a rental.  For more information on the machines that are available and for the criteria that we apply to this kind of deal please give us a call.

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Criteria for a free on loan snack vending machine

We do, at times, offer a snacks or cold drinks vending machine on free loan.  This is subject to Kenco Local Business Service visiting to keep the machine filled up and keeping the money from the cash box as payment.  Having said this we do have to have some perameters on where we deem it appropriate to offer a free on loan snacks vending or cold drinks vending machine or else we would putting them out all over the place! 

For a snacks or snacks and cold drink combination vending machine we would typically require around 100 staff before we offered a free on loan machine.  Ongoing we would also require it turn over approximately £100 per week.  If it did not do this then we would reserve the right to either remove the machine or charge a small rental.  The choice would be yours.

If you would you like a purely cold drinks vending machine then we need over 70 staff before we provide a free on loan piece of kit.  Again we would need an ongoing turnover of around £100 for it stay in on a free loan.

In both cases there is a little room for flexibility, particularly if you are also taking a coffee machine from us or if we have refurbished equipment available.  Please also bear in mind that we only cover Greater London and the Home Counties.  If you require this kind of equipment and need one of the other Kenco Local Business Service members to operate it in a different part of the country then their parameters may be ever so slightly different.  The best thing to do is to contact us and we can go through the options with you, either over the phone or by visiting your premises.  While we are happy to do the initial consultation over the phone we will always need one of our sales team to visit your site before we will deliver and install this kind of equipment.  We need to absolutely sure of both the numbers of staff on site, and whether it will fit where you would like it to, as well as if we can get it into the building and up any stairs that you would like us to.

We stock these machines with a wide range of products including Coca Cola, Pepsi and Britvic soft drinks and fruit juices.  In the snacks range we hold many Mars, Cadbury, Nestle, Walkers and McCoys products as well as an expanding range of healthier options.

For more information on these machines or the options available in them please give us a call.

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The right coffee solution for your golf club

Over the years we have supplied coffee machines to a large number of different golf clubs across the South East of England, including a number in Greater London.  When we started supplying equipment to golf clubs there is no doubt that the Kenco Singles machine was the most popular solution.  It can be fitted with a coin acceptor making it ideal for times when the bar is closed but there is still a need to supply hot drinks.  The system is easy to use, simple to maintain, exceptionally reliable and, most importantly produces a good quality filter coffee.  As the years have moved on there are one or two issues that have become apparent with this system when used in golf clubs.  Firstly the coin acceptor does not give change so you must remember to set it to a price that your customers will probably have the right money for.  An alternative is to use tokens and maybe sell a bag of tokens to your members when the bar is open so that they can use them in the machine at times when it isn’t.  The second point is that the Kenco Singles brewer produces drinks of about 6oz to 7oz in size.  This is some way removed from the coffee shop size that many people now feel is the norm.  Often these dispense drinks sized 10oz or even 12oz.  Lastly the Kenco Singles system does not produce frothy speciality drinks such as a true cappuccino or latte.  in short what was acceptable five or ten years ago has become less so nowadays.

Obviously we had to find a solution to our customers needs.  They still wanted good quality drinks but the machine needed to dispense frothy coffees, take payment and give change as well as be capable of dispensing a larger measure.  We have come up with two options that seem to work well.

The first is the Kobalto bean to cup coffee machine.  This will create a wide range of speciality coffee based drinks as well as hot chocolate and a full range of decaffeinated options.  It can be fitted with a full change giving coin mechanism and it looks and feels like a proper “coffee machine”.

The second is the Genesis bean to cup machine.  Like the Kobalto this is a table top bean to cup coffee machine that can be fitted with a change giver.  However it can also provide fresh brew tea as an option as well as a larger 9oz to 10oz measure.  The only down side to this machine is that it does look a little more like a coffee vending machine than the Kobalto.  On the plus side it does offer a wider range of drink options.  It really is a case of deciding which of these two things are more important to you.

If you own or run a golf club and are looking for a coffee system that suits you then please do call us.  We have a lot of experience and know the type of machines that work well in this type of environment

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