Astro Coffee Vending Machine In Your Office

Kenco Local Business Service have recently had a spate of Astro coffee vending machines placed with it’s customers.  It’s variations are ideal for use in a large office environment.

The most popular version that we are placing at the moment is the bean to cup version with fresh brew tea using either 7oz or 9oz cups.  You can use your own mug to vend the drink into or use the paper cups that are internal to the machine.  A full range of speciality coffees made from fresh beans is available including cappuccino, latte and mocha.  The freshbrew tea brewer allows the machine to produce a very acceptable cup of tea indeed.  Add to this the ability to vend a range of decaffeinated coffee drinks and luxury hot chocolate drinks then you have a complete office coffee vending machine.

The other versionthat is becoming more popular is again bean to cup coffee with fresh brew tea, but in this instance with a 12oz coffee shop style cup.  This piece of equipment really does allow you to bring the coffee shop experience to your office.  As with the standard bean to cup machine you can dispense into your own mug.

The Astro also comes in a soluble ingredient format.  This means that the coffees and teas are produced with instant granules.  The upshot of this is that the drinks are easier produce and the machine itself is less expensive as it is a simpler system.  The general consensus is that the drinks quality is lower with this system.  The drinks quality can be perfectly acceptable (if set up correctly) but will fall short of the standards set by the bean to cup systems.  The soluble ingredient system will also dispense more quickly than the bean to cup machine.  If you have a large number of staff who will be queuing up needing to use the machine in a short space of time then you may find that a system using granulated coffee and tea is more suitable.

If you think that the Astro coffee vending machine is suitable foryour office then please do give us a call.  We would be happy to come out and talk you through the various options available.  We can even fill and clean the machine for you.  Please bear in mind that the area we cover is Greater London and the Home Counties.  This takes in towns and cities such as London, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Slough, St Albans, Hatfield and Watford.

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Kenco Singles machines and Kenco Singles drinks capsules in Slough

Kenco Local Business Service are one of the most competitive suppliers of the Kenco Singles machine and the whole range of Kenco Singles drinks capsules in the Slough area, and indeed nationwide.  We are a collection of local companies who come together to offer a professional coffee and vending machine offer across the country.  The most popular piece of equipment in our range is the aforementioned Kenco Singles brewer.

This system is ideal as an office coffee machine  as it offers a wide range of filter coffees, hot chocolate, a range of leaf teas and the new two stage cappuccino drink.  It is also exceptionally reliable, easy to use and maintain.  The new machine that is due to be launched in May 2012 is a very stylish, contemporary looking piece of equipment, comparable with the best looking coffee equipment available today.

We are based only forty five minutes from Slough and as such can offer a great service in Slough and the surrounding area.  We have delivery drivers, technicians and sales men who regularly visit the area and it is because of these staff based in the area that we can offer such a good service.  We can also offer this level of service in other areas such as London, High Wycombe, St Albans, Watford and Maidenhead.  If you would like a visit from one of the sales team then please give the office a call.  We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have or to arrange a visit to your premises.

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Snack Vending Machine Seasonal Offers End…… Until Next Year!

You may have noticed that Cadbury Cream Eggs and Cadbury Mini Eggs have appeared in your snack vending machines over the past three months.  Sadly these products are only available in the lead up to the Easter period and as such will be gradually disappearing from our machines over the next month.  You will have to wait until next February time to see them appear again.  Fear not though in the lead up to Christmas we will be offering a few different seasonal lines in order to keep the snacks offer as fresh as possible.  If you have any ideas for other seasonal confectionery or snack items that we could offer then please us and let us know.  We are always willing to look at new ideas!

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Kenco Singles Machines And Drinks

With the delay of the launch of the new style Kenco Singles machine until mid May there is a dearth of new machines available.  However we do still have a small stock of new machines still available ourselves so if you are looking for a new brewer and can’t wait a month then please call the office and we should be able to help.

As normal we do also have a large number of refurbished Kenco Singles brewers available on very flexible rents or competitive purchase deals.  Again for more information please call the office.

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Win Olympic Tickets From Your Snack Vending Machine

The exciting Trebor London 2012 promotion officially launches today nationwide to drive awareness and encourage consumers to enter the promotion.

This on-pack promotion (26th March – 27th June) offers consumers a chance to live a VIP lifestyle with London 2012 tickets. Entry is simple, all consumers need to do is buy a pack and enter their code at

• The first 18 baton winners will receive a 2 day VIP luxury experience with a pair of London 2012 tickets.

• The lucky 19th winner who finds the final baton will win the ultimate prize of a whole week of VIP luxury with a pair of London 2012 tickets every single day.

This promotion is available from Trebor mints products purchased anywhere, including from your office snack vending machine.  For more information about this offer or any of the other Olympic games offers from Kraft Foods please call the office.

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Free on loan office vending machines

In certain circumstances Kenco Local Business Service can offer free on loan office vending machines.  Typically this is where we are providing a snacks vending machine or a cold drinks vending machine, there are over one hundred staff on site and we are filling the machines and keeping the money from the cash box as payment.  Obviously this equipment is expensive and as such we need to make sure that we are making enough of a return on our investment: this is why we insist on these criteria before we offer a vending system free on loan.

For more information please call the office and we will be delighted to send one of our sales team out to have a chat with you about the most appropriate system for you.  In this scenario we will always insist on a site survey before delivering any equipment.  This is partly to check that these large machines are able to fit where you would like them to go and partly the verify the numbers of staff on site before we commit any machines.

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Tea from your coffee vending machine?

Sadly coffee vending machines have developed a bad reputation when it comes to the quality of their tea offering.  In some cases this is well deserved.  Often what people associate with coffee vending machines is an instant tea delivered in a small plastic cup, and it’s true that this is not an appetising thought!  However it’s not true to say that you have to put up with bad quality tea through your office coffee machine.

As with coffee everyone has their own preferences when it comes to brewing a cup of tea.  Obviously this always will present a challenge but there are systems that produce a perfectly acceptable brew! 

Perhaps the best office coffee machine produced tea on the market is that which the Kenco Singles machine makes.  The PG Tips tea drinks capsule contains real tea leaves and the water actually pauses as it enters the capsule in order the actually “brew” a proper cup of tea.  You can either add UHT milk or, if you prefer a more authentic taste, fresh milk.  The Kenco Singles machine will deliver the tea into either a china cup or paper disposable cup, the choice is yours.  Whichever you choose you no longer have to put up with the traditional brown plastic cup.  The other advantage for tea and infusion drinkers of the Kenco Singles machine is that the Kenco Singles drinks range also includes Twinings Earl Grey and Twinings Peppermint infusion.  Again both of these are produced with real tea leaves and peppermint respectively.

The Kenco In Cup systems such as the Network and K Bar also use real PG Tisp tea leaves.  The one disadvantage of this system is that a whitener is used to produce the white tea, which isn’t ideal.  Also the drink is necessarily delivered in a paper cup, which is better than a plastic one but still not the same as using your own cup or mug.

The Astro from N & W can produce a good cup of tea providing you choose the model that is fitted with the fresh brew tea unit.  Again it uses real tea leaves (we use the PG Tips product).  This will even deliver the drink into your own mug or cup and the milk product used within the machine is Milfresh, which is as close to real milk you can get without using the real thing.  Alternatively the machine can produce a black tea and you can add fresh milk yourself.

There are other options as well but my main point is that you do not have to put up with poor quality tea from your coffee vending machine.  Kenco Local Business Service have a number of systems to choose from that will deliver a perfectly acceptable product.  For more information please call the office where one of our experienced sales team would be delighted to run through the options with you.

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Coffee Machine Service Cover In London

If you have a coffee machine or vending machine in the London area that is need of servicing then Kenco Local Business Service may well be able to help you.  We have a team of experienced technicians, permanently based in London, that are able to provide service cover, on either a call out basis or on a warranty basis, for a wide range of vending and coffee machines.

Our technicians are experienced in the repair and service of the entire range of Jura commercial coffee machines.  If you have one of these then we can either offer ad-hoc service cover or an annual warranty to cover all equipment faults.

As we are the premier supplier of the popular Kenco Singles machine in London we also offer a full technical back up for these machines should anything go wrong.  If you acquired your brewer from another supplier then we are still very happy to offer you assistance should your machine break down.  Again this available as either an annual warranty or on a call out basis.

We can also service most types of snacks or hot drinks vending equipment.  We carry parts for most of the N & W range of machines and also have a great deal of expertise in the Coffetek range of equipment.

Whatever type of coffee or vending equipment you have that needs service back up please give us a call.  We can’t cover everything that is out there but we can cover most of the equipment that you are likely to have.  For more information or to arrange a technician visit please call the office.

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Cappuccino Coffee Machine Supplier in London?

If you are looking for a cappuccino machine in London then Kenco Local Business Service have a range of machines for you.  These include bean to cup coffee machines using fresh milk, bean to cup coffee machines using a milk substitute and office coffee machines that use soluble ingredients and will produce a decent cappuccino.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that uses fresh milk then the Jura range of coffee machines are probably what you are looking for.  They will create a great cappuccino, at the touch of a button, from fresh milk and whole coffee beans.  They look great, have easy to follow cleaning cycles and are nice and compact, making them an ideal office coffee machine.

The Korinto and Kobalto are alternative bean to cup coffee machines that use a milk substitute.  This enables them to produce a nice frothy cappuccino or latte at the touch of a button without the need to run the cleaning cycles that a fresh milk machine will require.  These machines can also make a hot chocolate and mocha.  These are options that are not available on the Jura machine.

The Kenco Maxi uses soluble, granulated coffee to create it’s coffee based drinks, including cappuccino.  It is easy to clean, quick to dispense and produces the full range of coffee based drinks, hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee.  You also do not have the issue of coffee beans going stale that you do with any bean to cup system.

Whatever type of cappuccino machine you are looking for give us a call as we have a wide range of systems to choose from.  We cover the London area as well as towns such as Watford, High Wycombe, Slough, Aylesbury and Maidenhead.  We are very happy to arrange for one of our sales team to visit your premises in order to demonstrate one of our machines adn discuss what options would most suit you.

For what it’s worth our favourite is the Jura Giga X7.  It is what we use as our office coffee machine.

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The Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Supplier In Hatfield?

As we are based just outside Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire we are also well placed to offer a high quality service for the supply of bean to cup coffee machines in Hatfield.  We already have a great many customers based around this area and as such we regularly have technicians, delivery drivers, salesmen and operators all around this region.  All of this combines to mean that we can offer a great service in the area.

We offer the full range of Jura bean to cup coffee machines from the small equipment suitable for small office of less than 20 people up to the larger machines such as the Jura Giga machines that will provide coffee and cappuccinos for offices of up to 100 staff.  These machines are easy on the eye, simple to use and create a lovely drink.  There are some great rental and purchase deals available from us on these machines.  Importantly our technicians are fully trained up on the Jura systems and as such we can provide a much better back up than many of our competitors can.

If you would prefer the option of less cleaning then the N & W range of Korinto Kobalto machines offer this.  They are still bean to cup machines but use a milk substitute (we recommend Milfresh).  These machines, if used with the right products, will produce a cappuccino that would not be out of place in a high street coffee shop.  They will also produce a great frothy hot chocolate from either our Suchards or Cadbury chocolate mix. 

We also supply the very popular Kenco Singles machine as well as the full range of Kenco Singles drinks capsules.  This system is ideal as an office coffee machine as it is easy to use, easy to maintain and attractively styled.  If you were looking for this particular system you will find that we are one of the most competitively priced suppliers of the Kenco Singles products.

Whatever style of office coffee machine you are looking for we have something that will suit you.  For more information please call the office and one of our experienced sales team will give you a call.

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