New snacks products available through our vending machines

We are always on the lookout for new products to go into our snack vending machines.  In recent times we have introduced a wider Cadbury range of chocolate as well as peppermint Aero bars and Belvita breakfast biscuits, all of which have proved to be very popular.  In the interests of improving our range even further we have started to stock Burts hand cooked crisps in our snacks machines.  There are four flavours available including Guinness Rich Beef Chilli, Caribbean Chilli Beef, Spicy Chorizo and Reggae Reggae.  This range a bit more variety to our crisp offering.  Most of these machines can also offer a range of cold drinks including both bottles and cans.  This allows for the dispensing of Coca Cola and Pepsi products as well as a number of other lines such as Britvic orange juice, Mountain Dew, Red Bull and Lucozade energy drinks and still and sparkling water.

Our snack machines work well when placed next to one of our floor standing hot drinks machines such as the Astro or the Voce.  These coffee vending machines will produce a wide range of coffee based drinks such as cappuccino, latte, espresso, mocha and americano as well as hot chocolate, tea and soup.  These can be dispensed into cup sizes from 7oz to 12oz.   This allows you to offer a full range of good quality hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks from one vending area.

We supply snacks, cold drinks and hot drinks vending solutions across London as well as towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Slough and Reading. We can offer both the supply of equipment as well as full technical support from our team of in house technicians.  If you would like our operators can visit to keep your vending machines filled and cleaned, saving you and your staff the hassle of doing it.

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The advantages of proper coffee machine service support in London

If you have a look across the internet there are a plethora of companies purporting to supply coffee machines of every type.  In our experience there is a vast difference between the service levels that you can expect from many of them.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have our own team of delivery drivers, operators to fill vending machines and technicians to provide comprehensive service support.  You might think that this is the norm but bitter experience has taught us that it is not. There are a surprising number of companies that simply deal over the internet or phone.  On one level you might ask “what is the problem with this?”  Sadly there are several.

Without there own delivery rivers they are reliant on a courier of some sort to deliver both products and, more alarmingly, machines.  We have all had bad experiences with delivers that come from the big courier companies getting damaged, being delivered late, getting lost, being delivered to the wrong address or being left down at reception when they really have to go up the the fifth floor.  Our own delivery team are directly employed by us and as such we have a great deal more control over how they operate, the speed with which deliveries are made and the manor in which deliveries are undertaken.  All of this should mean that you, the customer, receive a much higher level of service and in the unlikely event that there is a problem we are much more likely to be able to deal with it to your satisfaction.

It also never ceases to amaze us how many “coffee machine companies” do not actually have any service support within their company.  Taking a more positive view this may mean that they outsource it to a third party.  Even in this scenario it is hard to guarantee service levels, holding of the right parts and call out times.  Ultimately the customer is only a number to the technician who attends a problem.  At the worse end of this range are the companies who simply don’t have any real way of providing service support in the event of a breakdown.  It may seem unlikely but there genuinely are companies out there that have no satisfactory way of repairing the machines that they sell!  We have our own team of technicians that are employed directly by us and as such we are able to give a quicker, more efficient service.  They are fully trained on the equipment that we supply and carry most of the spare parts that they are likely to need.  It also allows us to provide a more bespoke service to our customer base.

We even have our own vehicle and team for delivering equipment that once again allows us to more readily fulfill any specific delivery and installation requirements that you may have.  Again there are many companies without this and this means that you will simply receive the machine when you receive it.

As you can see there are a great many very good reasons for ensuring that the coffee machine supplier that you choose has the necessary service support facilities and manpower.  I can honestly say that in you are looking for an office coffee machine supplier in London or surrounding towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury or Slough then we can provide first rate services in all of these departments.

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Introducing Twinings – our new speciality tea & infusions partner!

To be honest, Twinings hardly needs any introduction to most of us! It is known throughout the UK and indeed the world as one of the premier speciality tea and herbal infusions producers since 1706 when it was founded by Thomas Twining. In the face of great opposition from pub landlords of his time (gin, coffee & ale were the mainstay – even for breakfast!) he began to sell tea from his coffee house on the Strand in London and he eventually opened the very first tea shop in London (The Golden Lyon) having won over some influential clients such as Charles II and later Jane Austen. His pledge to produce only the finest quality & variety of teas is still part of the Twinings ethos today and it has won over an enormous amount of fans worldwide.

It is therefore with great pride that we at Kenco Local Business Service are pleased to announce that we have recently established a trading partnership with Twinings which will enable us to offer a number of its most popular blends and infusions to our customers.

Aside from the fact that Twinings brings a high quality tea offer and pedigree to the table, a key component for our decision to supply Twinings is that many of our bean 2 cup customers have specialist coffee machines that by their very nature do not produce tea.

We felt that it was not enough to just supply our customers with the best quality coffee brands through these specialist coffee machines – we wanted to be able to provide a variety of high quality fresh leaf tea/infusions to compliment this and so bring to our customers a total high end solution all from one source.

To that end we are able to supply Twinings English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint/Lemon & Ginger and Green Tea in a variety of forms that may be used with a neat & slim line boiler purpose designed for the office environment at very low cost.

Positioned next to the customer’s bean 2 cup speciality coffee machine of choice the total proposition means that our customers are able to conveniently provide their staff and customers with all their Twinings tea favourites alongside Cappuccino, Latte. Espresso and Mocha coffees sourced from Kenco Italia dark roast espresso beans.

10 years ago it was rare to find such a high quality offer being supplied in the workplace. We have see a marked and sustained rise in demand for quality hot drinks solutions in recent years, perhaps driven by high street coffee shops and the influence of continental tastes.

Nowadays it is not always enough to just provide a basic tea and coffee facility in the traditional vending sense and we at Kenco Local Business Service recognise this trend.

We fervently believe that our bean 2 cup bespoke coffee systems, coupled with our Twinings speciality tea offer can now meet the more sophisticated expectations of our existing and future customers and we would like to invite you to ask us about what we could do for you!

For further information about our Twinings product range or even our speciality coffee systems please call us on 0845 061 1122 or email us at 

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Leading office coffee machine supplier in High Wycombe

Over the past twenty years Kenco Local Business Service (KLBS) have become one of the leading suppliers of office coffee machines in the High Wycombe region.  We supply a wide range of business with a wide range of this type of equipment.

Over the past five years bean to cup coffee machines have proved to be more and more popular across the entire South East region of the United Kingdom and High Wycombe is no different.  A good example is a furniture company who rent a Korinto coffee machine from us in High Wycombe.   The Korinto is a great value, table top bean to cup coffee machine that provides a wide range of coffees including cappuccino, latte and mocha.  It will also dispense hot chocolate and hot water (for tea).  It is easy to use and easy to maintain.  As it uses Milfresh pure milk granules it requires a less intensive maintenance regime than similar systems that use fresh milk.  It is ideal in an office environment where there are not normally specialist catering staff on hand to look after the coffee equipment.  It has proved to be a great hot in the office in High Wycombe that already have one.

KLBS have also provided Kenco Singles brewers into a number of commercial premises across the area.  These are small, relatively low costs units that provide a wide range of coffees, teas and hot chocolates.  The capsule system is easy to use, simple to maintain and one of the most reliable machines on the market.  It is perfect for use in an office where w range of different coffees need to be provided.  The most popular coffee is the Kenco medium Roast but there is also a Dark Roast for anyone wanting a little more “punch” from their drink and Carte Noire for the connoisseurs among you.  A Twinings Peppermint Infusion option is also provided for those that would like a healthier, non-caffeinated drink.The Kenco Singles system is perfect for offices because it is just so easy to live with.

Kenco In Cup is also a very popular solution within the town with a number of sites having chosen to go for either Kenco Connection or Network coffee vending machines.  These are simple, robust and high capacity machines capable of dispensing a wide range of instant coffee and chocolate products in a speedy and efficient manner.  PG Tips leaf tea is also available.

It is almost impossible to go through all of the variations available but these three systems have proved to be popular in and around High Wycombe over the past few years for good reason.  They are high in quality, carry a brand that you can respect and trust and are backed up by an efficient, friendly and local service.  Deliveries in High Wycombe are carried out by our own transport team and all service work in the area is carried out by our own in-house service department.  For more information please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Providing coffee vending machines in Aylesbury

Our location just off of the A41 about 10 miles from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire gives us the perfect base to provide our wide range of vending and coffee equipment as well as all of the service support needed throughout Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

The Kenco In Cup system has proven to be popular in garages and manufacturing locations within the area.  In some instances this has taken the form of a small manually filled In Cup machine such as the Kenco Compact or in other instances the floor standing and fully automatic, 12 choice Network machine.  Both of these systems are capable of delivering the same range of drinks (ranging from a variety of white and black coffees, white and black PG Tips tea, Suchard chocolate, Cappio and a range of Knorr soups as well as Bovril) with the main difference being how the drink is actually delivered to the customer.  The Compact is a manual system where the cup is moved by the user to the hot water station and sugar is added (or not) to taste.  The Network is fully automated and as such does all of this for you.  One press of the button determines the drink and another selects the amount of sugar desired (if any at all).  The machine then mixes the drink and delivers it fully prepared.  One big advantage of this system in the simplicity , which translates into reliability.  Another is the consistent drink quality.  While it would be difficult to make a case that the quality of coffee through these machines is as good as a bean to cup system they do at least offer complete consistency of quality as the ingredients (with the exception of the sugar) is already in the bottom of the cup and all the machine does is add the hot water.

Another big hit in the Aylesbury area has been bean to cup equipment.  Kenco Local Business Service have supplied several Astro bean to cup coffee machines into a large office site there.  The Astro is a floor standing and completely automated coffee system that creates it’s cappuccinos, lattes and espressos from fresh whole beans.  These are ground by the internal grinder and water is then pushed through at pressure (as with a traditional espresso machine) to create the base for the drink.  Milfresh real milk granules and Suchard hot chocolate powder is then also used to create your frothy drinks.  The drink is either served into a quality branded paper cup from the internal cup dispenser or into the customers own mug.  Our fully trained operators visit this site on a twice weekly basis in order to keep the machines filled, cleaned and working to their optimum level.

These are just a couple of examples of the services that we can offer locally.  For more information how we can provide coffee vending machines in Aylesbury or any other part of region please call the office on 0845 061 1122.


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Kenco Local Business Service to stock Twinings tea bag range

Talks between Twinings and Kenco Local Business Service are at an advanced stage and off the back of these we expect to be stocking the Twinings range of enveloped tea bags within the next couple of months.  These will be an ideal accompaniment to table top bean to cup coffee machines were a hot water option is offered.  Twinings are able to supply stands and boxes that sit next to your coffee machine in order to offer a tidy and professional way of storing your tea bags.  All you need then is an empty cup and a shot of hot water from the coffee machine for an easy way of making a wide range of teas and infusions.

Initially we won’t stock the whole range but we will have the ability to order in any product that you want on a “special order” basis.  The items that we hold in stock will be limited to the core range.  This will include teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey as well as infusions such as Peppermint and Green Tea.

We think it will really enhance the offering where coffee is not the only requirement.  Many offices seem to run on coffee but it is always great to be able to offer an alternative.  The range of teas will be available to order via the telephone, email or fax, simply add them to your normal consumable order and (providing it is over our minimum order level) delivery is free of charge.   This range should really suit customers that have a Korinto, Kobalto or Krea coffee machine, or a separate hot water boiler.     There are also plans to offer bulk Twinings tea to be used in the freshbrew systems in the Voce and Canto coffee vending machines.  For more information on the Twinings tea range or to request a product list please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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New Jura GIGA X8 Launched!

Jura have just launched the GIGA X8 and it definitely adds a little something to their portfolio.  The existing GIGA range (X7 and X9) were an exciting development in the world of office coffee machines a couple of years ago with their stylish looks, double bean hoppers, cutting edge TFT screen and simplicity of use but the X8 takes the range on another step.

The entire GIGA range has many selling points: The two bean hoppers allow for a wide range of drinks to be made, potentially with two different types of coffee beans.  This can mean that you offer a caffeinated and decaffeinated option or perhaps a dark and a light roast coffee.  Alternatively you can blend two different types for a bespoke blend.  The TFT screen will show with clear instructions and pictures how to perform the cleaning and maintenance cycles as well as the simpler tasks such as emptying the grout bin and the waste tray.  All drinks are created at the touch of button making the entire range very easy to use.

The GIGA X8 takes things on a stage.  It has three thermoblock heating systems and a hot water bypass function.  This means that when making a coffee not all of the water needs to pass through the ground coffee and some can bypass it with no impact on the quality of the drink.  What this means is that a coffee is produced much quicker.  Obviously this has positive implications for busier sites where drinks need to be produced quickly.  The types of site where this may suit are busy offices, hotels, restaurants and bars.

We offer the entire Jura range of machines and have always been very proud to do so.  The GIGA X8 adds an extra dimension to the range and offers tremendous value for money when you consider how much functionality and the quality of machine that you are getting. As with the entire range our technical team are fully trained and we can offer full technical back up as well as all of the consumables and cleaning products that you will require to keep your Jura in good working order.

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Look how big that Toblerone bar is!

As you may have already seen on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or News section of this website we are giving away a massive Toblerone at the end of this month.  Everyone who has “liked” our Facebook page will be entered into a draw and with the winner drawn out of a hat at the end of January 2014.  To have a look at exactly how big the bar is follow the link below:

If you fancy a chance at winning this then make sure that you “like” our page!



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Coffee and vending in a hospital environment

We have a great deal of experience in providing both coffee and vending solutions in hospital settings.  I thought that I would set out a few ideas if you were thinking of providing these services in a hospital or healthcare setting.

Firstly there are often cafes and/or restaurants in many hospitals.  Typically these would need a high capacity coffee machine that will dispense good quality coffee.  An automatic bean to cup machine that is capable of delivering up to a 12oz drink would seem to be a good fit.  To those ends the Kobalto would seem ideal.  It is robust, easy to use, reliable and capable of producing a very nice coffee, cappuccino or latte.  Withe it’s three instant ingredient canisters it will also allow you to service frothy hot chocolate, decaffeinated coffee options and deliver hot water for tea.  Ideally in this kind of scenario a water boiler would sit along side the coffee machine to provide a bit of back up and share the work load.  This also allows you to serve hot water for tea much more quickly.  An alternative to the Kobalto would be S200.  This offers many of the same features as the Kobalto but is available with touch screen controls and with the option to use fresh milk.

Around a typical hospital there are generally a number of receptions and waiting areas.  In these it is sometimes an idea to provide tea and coffee facilities, particularly if the waiting time can stretch into hours rather than a few minutes.  In this case a floor standing fully automatic machine with a coin mechanism would seem to be a good option.  The Voce is sturdy, reliable, stylish and produces a good quality drink.  It is available as either a bean to cup version or using soluble coffee (which is cheaper and dispenses faster).  Either way it would allow for drinks to be charged for and for patients to help themselves.  In some private hospitals coffee is given away free of charge to patients waiting in clinic reception areas.  The Kenco Singles machine is an easy to use, hygienic and reliable option.  We have also had success in these sites with table top small and medium sized bean to cup machines such as the Korinto or Koro Max.  These have the look and feel of a real “coffee machine” rather than a vending system and allow the customer or patient to help themselves to a genuinely good quality bean to cup cappuccino.

In staff canteen areas then floor standing coffee vending equipment such as the Voce or Astro is often a good bet.  Both area high capacity, reliable, simple to use and can be fitted with payment control.  A wide range of hot drinks (including tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and soup) are available at the touch of a button.  Both the Voce and the Astro allow the customer the choice to use a disposable paper cup from the machines internal cup dispenser of place their own mug in the delivery area and dispense the drink into that.

Meeting rooms can be catered for easily with the Kenco Singles brewer.  It is small, reliable, easily moved and easy to use.  It allows for the production of freshly filtered tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

The Rondo or Snakky machines will allow for snacks and/or chilled drinks to be vended at any price that you like any where that you can fit a vending machine.  This type of equipment allows for a wide range of products to be vended from crisps and chocolate bars to cans and bottles of soft drinks.  Our trained operators can visit your hospital to keep them filled up if you do not have the inclination or resources to do it.

Whatever you requirements for coffee and vending machines we have all bases covered.  If you are looking to provide this kind of equipment for a healthcare or hospital site then we have a lot of experience in providing the right solution.  If you would like one of our experienced sales consultants to visit in order to advise you as to the best options that are available then please call the office on 0845 061 1122.  We cover the whole of London as well as local towns such as Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Hemel Hempstead.

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Highlights of 2013

2013 has been quite a busy year and there have been a number of highlights over the course of it for Kenco Local Business Service.  On the equipment side of the business we placed our first Voce floor standing coffee vending machines into customer sites.  These stylish, robust and reliable machines have proved to be a big hit.  They offer a wide variety of options including bean to cup, freshbrew and/or instant coffee as well as freshbrew or instant tea and chocolate, decaffeinated coffee and soup.  There are a variety of drink sizes available ranging from 7oz through 9oz and up to 12oz.  There is even the option to use your own cup if you prefer.  As with most equipment manufactured by Crane the build quality is very high and the machine exceptionally durable.  We also feel that the Voce is the best looking floor standing coffee vending system available in the UK today

Another huge success story this year for us has been the introduction of the Krea bean to cup coffee machine from manufacturer N & W.  The enthusiasm with which this machine has been greeted with by our customers is nothing short of astonishing.  A fantastic bean to cup coffee offering is supplemented by a delicious hot chocolate option and a soluble coffee canister that allows the Krea to produce a full range of decaffeinated options.  Cappuccinos, lattes and mochas are all made from freshly ground coffee beans and there is even a variant of the machine that features internal cup and sugar dispensers.  The Krea looks amazing and is surprisingly well-priced for a machine of its type.  It has arguably been the single biggest success story of the year.

The Jura range of coffee machines has gone from strength to strength.  The Jura GIGA range of equipment are still proving very popular, particularly in London offices and the Jura XJ9 adds another strong (and fantastic looking) offering from the Jura commercial fleet.  The Jura machines are always popular with customers although care attention needs to be paid to the cleaning regime that is required to keep them in tip top working order.

Bean to cup coffee machines as a whole have proved to be exceptionally popular for us this year as have sales of whole coffee beans themselves with volume sales of these products showing a healthy growth.  Mondelez have been keen to push Millicano Wholebean Instant Coffee into the vending market and we have found a number of customers who have been happy to take this on and been very happy with the results.  Where it has been very well received is in sites where the customer did not have the budget to change the coffee equipment but did want to offer a higher quality drink.  Millicano will work through any system that uses soluble coffee to produce it’s drinks and is an easy way of giving your staff a better quality coffee without spending a fortune on new equipment.  One slight caveat to this is that it is best to have the machine re-calibrated by one of our technicians before running Millicano through it as the optimum taste is produced with a slightly different gram throw than with standard granulated coffee.

Overall 2013 was a very good year for the business and cemented our realization that the market is moving towards a higher quality coffee offer, be that from whole beans or from a good quality instant coffee such as Millicano.  Gone are the days where a “wet and warm” drink served in a cheap plastic cup will suffice from your office coffee machine.  For more information on any of our new products, be they machines or consumables, please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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