6,500,000 hot drinks sold through our coffee and vending machines in 2013!

As a bit of fun we decided to work out how many hot drinks our vending and coffee machines had dispensed in 2013.  The total was an eye watering 6,500,000 hot drinks!  The vast majority of these were coffees but there was a fair amount of tea through the coffee vending machines and the Kenco Singles brewers.  This breaks down to 125,000 drinks per week or 17,857 drinks per day.  That is a lot of coffee!!

The biggest growth area by far has been in whole beans through bean to cup machines.  The total of hot drinks produced by our machines this year is approximately 1,200,000.  This is up by about 15% compared to last year which does reflect the overall market trend towards a demand for higher quality coffee in the workplace.

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The differences between the N & W Krea and Solista coffee machines

In recent years we have noticed a huge increase in demand for table top bean to cup coffee machines in offices across London.  Workplaces that traditionally would have sought out floor standing coffee vending equipment are now looking for “proper” coffee machines.  Staff are simply more discerning and much less willing to accept a poor quality coffee.


In the past twelve months two machines that have proven popular in answering this demand are the Krea and Solista from N & W.  There are a lot of similarities between the two systems.  Both produce genuine bean to cup coffee from freshly ground whole coffee beans.  They will create lattes, cappuccino, americano, espresso as well as hot chocolate and creamy hot chocolate.  The fourth canister in the machine allows for soluble decaffeinated coffee to be added.  This allows for all the coffee options to be available in a decaf format by pressing the decaf pre-selection button.  Both the Krea and Solista are stylish machines that sit well in even the most modern of offices and both can be fitted with payment systems if a pay vend option is required.

The big difference between the two machines is the ability of the Solista to dispense a cup.  In other words it is effectively a table top “coffee vending” machine.  It can hold either 7oz or 9oz paper cups eliminating the need to use china cups that need to washed up or having stacks of paper cups laying around the office looking untidy.  Obviously if you would prefer to dispense into your own china cup then the Krea is the most appropriate system for you.  The other main difference if the internal sugar dispenser that the Solista provides.  This eliminates the need for loose sugar or sugar sticks which may create a messy environment.

The Solista and Krea both provide a great office coffee solution.  Even the most discerning coffee enthusiast will love the quality of drink that they produce as well as the variety of speciality coffees offered through both systems.  It just remains for the customer to decide if a cup and sugar dispenser is required or not.

Kenco Local Business Service can provide these office coffee machines on either a rental or purchase basis across London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.  This area includes towns such as Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Aylesbury and High Wycombe.  We can also supply all of the consumables that you will require for use in the machines as well as comprehensive on-site service support.  For more information on these or any of our wide range of equipment please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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New Jura coffee machine on its way soon….

We have been told by Jura UK that a new coffee machine is due to be launched early in 2014.  We are very excited by this as the Jura range of coffee machines have proved to be very popular for low and medium usage sites that want to offer a great quality cappuccino. latte or espresso through a stylish and easy to use drinks dispenser.  They really are light years ahead of the old style hot drinks dispensers that you used to see in offices up and down the country.  Jura have a real flair for producing functional, stylish machines that will deliver a great coffee.  We are very excited to see what new innovations Jura have come up with!

Kenco Local Business Service supply these machines across London and Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.  As well as the Capital this area includes towns such as High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Slough and Hemel Hempstead.  We can offer the machines, service cover and all of the consumables that you will need to produce a great drink.  Kenco Local Business Service is a one stop shop for everything that you will require to make a Jura system your office coffee machine.

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Refurbish your Kenco Singles brewer

If you are the proud owner of an older Kenco Singles brewer and are looking for something that offers the same range of drinks but perhaps with a more up to date look then how about refurbishing your existing machine?  We are always happy to sell a new Kenco Singles machine but if cost is an issue then a cheaper alternative might be for our trained technical team to service your existing machine.  We will descale the tank, fit a brand new front onto the machine and give it a good clean for less than half the price of a new one.  We can either do this on your premises or, if you prefer, take your machine away and do it at our workshop.  For a small amount extra we could sell you a refurbished machine and you will get these benefits as well as a full warranty for six months.  You may well find that either of these options are more cost effective than purchasing a new system.  For more information please give the office a call and one of our experienced sales team will be happy to talk you through the different options.

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Mayor and Mayoress visit the MacMillan coffee morning at the Hatfield Hub

As you may have read previously in this blog Kenco Local Business Service were delighted to support the Macmillan coffee morning that was being run at the Hatfield Town Hub.  Our salesman Roger Reid was present to help set up the Kenco Singles Machine that we loaned free and was surprised and delighted to see that  both the Mayor and Lady Mayoress attended to support this great cause.  We will shortly be publishing a more in depth report on all of the Macmillan events that we have supported over the past week including some pictures and details of the amounts of money raised.

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Repairs on your Kenco Singles Coffee Machine

We are delighted to be able to offer a full range of on-site repairs for your Kenco Singles brewer.  Whether you originally purchased your machine directly from us or from a different supplier our in-house team of technicians can offer you full service support.  This can either be in the form of ad hoc work charged by the job or as an annual service contract that cover you for all breakdowns.  We are very flexible and will endeavour to offer the right service to suit your company.

Typically those companies that sell Kenco Singles machines on the internet are unable to provide technical support, or if they can it is through a third party.  We are very proud that we can offer all of the technical support that you may require ourselves.  To arrange any of these services or if you need some advice on this type of the equipment please call the office on 01494 785808.

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Kenco Local Business Service delighted to be helping out a third Macmillan coffee morning

We are absolutely delighted to be helping out with a third Macmillan coffee morning this September!  This is a wonderful charity with Macmillan doing fantastic work with cancer sufferers   When we have more firm details we will bring them to you here.

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Touchscreen coffee machines

There has been a real move over the past couple of years towards more modern looking office coffee machines.  Gone are the days of purely functional equipment as office managers want a machine that makes a statement and looks at home in the modern office environment.  Often there is also a desire to make an impression on visitors to the office, particularly potential customers and even suppliers.  One way that the styling of coffee vending machines has moved on is with touch screen technology.  There are a number of good quality bean to cup coffee machines ideally suited to the office available with touchscreen technology.

We at Kenco Local Business Service are very keen on the Esprecious bean to cup coffee machine from Bravilor.  It is an automatic bean to cup machine that uses a granulated milk, whole coffee beans and chocolate powder to produce a range of delicious drinks.  The touch screen and led lighting give the machine a contemporary look and the brewing unit produces a great quality espresso.

Another option is the Rex Royal S200.  This is a heavier duty piece of equipment that will produce a range of coffees, can use two different types of beans as well as produce hot chocolate.  It can also come as a fresh milk version, although this does require more daily maintenance.  This is also available with a touch screen and can be fitted with led lighting so it can fit in with a variety of environments.

Lastly, and most recently, is the Wittenborg 7100 plus.  This is the latest incarnation of the 7100 but with a new touch screen and bang up to date branding.  This is very new to Kenco Local Business Service but we like what we see so far.  Again it will look at home in even the most modern and contemporary of environments.

As you can see there are a number of stylish machines available to suite even the most upmarket of environments.  For more information about these or any other machine please give us a call.

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Kenco sponsors Macmillans Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

We are delighted to be helping out with our local Macmillan coffee morning in September.  We are supplying the coffee (as you might expect) and a raffle prize.  Kenco Local Business Service are delighted to be supporting this very worthwhile cause.  Look out for a full report on our News section.

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Why not re-brand your existing coffee vending machine with Millicano?

If you have a coffee machine that uses soluble coffee and are a little tired of the coffee that you get out of it why not try Kenco Millicano Wholebean Instant through it instead?  If you would like to do this we can even provide the Millicano branding for your machine free of charge, giving your coffee vending machine a “make-over”.

Kenco Millicano allows you to produce near bean to cup quality coffee with an instant coffee through traditional coffee vending equipment.  Typically these types of machines are simpler, cheaper and more reliable than their bean to cup counterparts.

For more information about how we can improve the quality of coffee from your machine please give the office a call on 01494 785808.  One of our experienced sales team would be delighted to talk you through the options.  We can even arrange to visit your premises in order to make the right recommendation for you.

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