Don’t Even Move the Cup to Get the Drink You Want

Everyone has a favorite kind when it comes to coffee. Some like it milky, while others want a strong brew which kickstarts a hard day at work. Catering to everyone’s taste can be an uphill task. With the Giga X7 on your side it won’t be. This coffee machine from the Jura stable brings the advantages of the Jura name, making it ideal for small to medium establishments. You can serve as many as 180 cups of different kinds of hot drinks daily. Unlike many coffee machines, it will give you tea and hot chocolate apart from specialty coffees. In fact, its dual fluid systems allow the Giga X7 to make two black or milk coffees at the same time.

The power steam wand automatically heats and froths milk into barista quality foam at your selected temperature while it makes espressos. It can also simply heat milk for chocolates. Alternately, you can draw plain hot water for tea. In the Giga coffee machine milk is automatically drawn from the fridge, heated and frothed into fine texture foam for café quality milk coffees at the touch of a button. The fine foam milk system can produce a café quality milk texture which makes preparing a latte macchiato as easy as nodding. Its dual ceramic disk grinders can grind up to 16 grams of coffee so that you can dispense your coffee non-stop through the day without stopping to refill.

The low wear ceramic disks produce a finer grind, without heating the coffee and with less variation than in most beans to cup machines for better coffee extraction. The fully automatic operation ensures that just about anybody who knows how to press buttons can brew a delicious cup of coffee. Hygiene is always a concern for those who have to deal with food and beverages. The integrated cleaning, rinsing and decalcifying programs of the Giga X7 guarantee TUV-certified hygiene. The new TFT display makes maintenance easy since you get maintenance status prompts. With a 25 month guarantee backing it, you should cast aside your doubts and go for it.

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Creating the Perfect Cuppa Can Be Simple

You too can get barista quality coffee at will. When you invest in a coffee machine in London , check out the options first. Some of the things you may look for are single or multi cup brew, which is drip or filtered coffee to give you cappuccino, espresso or coffee latte. It should froth and heat milk, have a pause option and thermal carafes to keep coffee hotter for longer. If you are a purist, then you will probably think that only the cup of coffee which is brewed from beans to cup can be perfect. The fragrance of fresh roasted beans, ground to just the right texture and brewed is simply incomparable. Those which have adjustable brew temperatures are better since not everyone wants to be scalded when drinking coffee.

Since coffee machines come in varying styles, choose the one that suits your style. Few people drink every kind of specialty coffee and it makes better sense to choose a machine that brews your favorite kind. As for the froth delivered ensure it is fantastic: creamy, no spluttering and aesthetically beautiful. However, if you need the machine for your office or a commercial outlet, then look for coffee vending machines . Opt for one that is connected to the mains rather than the kind which requires periodic refilling. Keep in mind that the quality of the coffee can be impacted by water quality. There are machines which have in-built filters for water, not just for the grounds.

Check the different configurations available and opt for the one which really suits your needs, even if its price is slightly beyond your budget. You should be able to recover its cost from the popularity you get for being able to service the needs of your customers. When you have the right equipment, making and enjoying a premium cup of coffee is a lot easier. Just remember, automatic machines simply cannot duplicate the texture of a manually brewed espresso. An expensive machine is not necessarily the best machine since a higher priced machine is usually one with more complicated to use gadgets.

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Coffee Lovers Deserve a Machine that is Serious about Coffee Quality

Coffee lovers the world over are very serious about the quality of the brew that they are served up. On top of that you want that the coffee machine you use should be elegant and complement the décor of the room or office. When you are looking for an appropriate office coffee machine you want something like the one touch Jura Ena 9. This is a small bean to cup system ideal for a domestic setting or even very small offices, reception areas and small meeting rooms. It is a small bean to cup coffee machine that will produce a cracking espresso or coffee as well as milk based drinks such as latte and cappuccino.

However, if you need something bigger then you could look at something like the Roma Bean to Cup which is brand new to the drinks market. It is what all table top machines should be measured against since in addition to a great bean to cup offering, it has the option of instant drinks as well. If you want to provide a decaf option or don’t want to use beans all the time, this excellent machine allows you the flexibility to do just that. Neon-effect backlighting helps make your machine stand out from the crowd. For locales which have a heavy demand and you might need to dispense as many as 1400 cups daily, then the Refresh 1400is perfect. Its illuminated cup station ensures that no one can miss it even in a crowd and it packs all the advantages of a fully automatic machine.

If you are not too sure of which model is the most appropriate for the needs of your office, then you could look at coffee machine rental options. Typically the costs of rental and servicing the vending machines may be higher than if dealing with the vending companies direct. Make sure that you rent the machine with a maintenance contract that covers all repairs. Another option could be to pay for each cup you drink. That way the per-cup-price will cover the machine rental, the maintenance, the consumables and any staff attached to fill and clean them.

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Brew a Fresh New Individual Cup of Coffee on Demand

Few things are better guaranteed to make us perk up with just a whiff than a refreshing cup of coffee brewed just the way we love to have it. In winter most people do want to reach for a steaming cup of coffee; yet it is something many yearn for round the year. Those who are blessed enough to work in an office or near an outlet which has a coffee machine, know how much their life is made easier by it. This is because Jura coffee machines give you the advantage of push technology without making it necessary for you to have a degree in cybernetics. Just decide what you really want from your cup of coffee — the strength, degree of sweetness, black or with milk — and the machine gives it to you in seconds.

Expect a trimmed-down appliance footprint along with sophisticated, sleek design from the Jura coffee machines. Make sure that you’re aware of all the options available and whether those which you want actually come with the model you choose before you purchase. If you cherish a beans-to-cup experience which gives you coffee redolent of fresh ground beans but it is only a small to medium site, then a Colibri coffee machine is the answer to your prayers. It can provide a range of specialty coffees as well as hot chocolate and hot water. It is simple to use and operate due to the large direct selections buttons and can easily be located within an office or shop thanks to its compact size and good looks.

The machine has its own frother and this creates the steamed milk, giving the real cappuccino flavour. You can also enjoy espresso, café latte, long black and hot chocolate all at the touch of a button. As with all single-cup brewers, some of the biggest advantages include no leftover waste with little-to-no preparation or clean-up. Two advantages specific to the Colibri over its competitors are a short brew time and absence of paper filters. Go ahead and enjoy a marvelous coffee experience without it being tempered by constant mechanical troubles.

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Kenco Millicano goes from strength to strength

We’ve just had the following information through from Kraft Foods regarding the success of Kenco Millicano Wholebean Instant:

The Wholebean instant coffee category has grown 2.7% since   2012 and is now worth a huge £34.7m as a total market. Across the market,   Kenco Millicano is leading the way as a trend setter with a staggering 55.7%   (including Caffeine free) market share, Carte Noire instinct with 19.3%,   Nescafe Azera at 17.7% and Starbucks via at 7.2%.


What this shows us is the incredible popularity of this product and demonstrates why we think it is going to be a big hit in the vending industry.  For more information about how to acquire a machine that will  dispense this product please give the office a call.


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Refurbished Jura Coffee Machines In London

If you are looking for a bean to cup coffee machine that uses fresh milk but are unsure as to exactly what you may require then our range of refurbished Jura equipment could be right for you.  We can offer these refurbished machines on shorter term rental basis rather than longer term leases.  The cost is also significantly lower.  These options allow you to rent a machine on a cheap and short term basis but with no major commitment in terms of the length of the contract.  Alternatively if you are looking to purchase on of these systems then this is a cheap way to do it.  We always supply the same warranty with refurbished machines as we do with new so you have nothing to worry about on that score either.

Currently available are some of the very popular Jura Impressa X9 machines.  These are push button systems that will deliver you a cappuccino, latte or espresso.  There are two bean hoppers allowing for the use of two different types of coffee bean.  These can either be blended by the X9 to create your own unique flavour or can be kept seperate to allow for example a decaffeinated and a caffeinated cappuccino.  The Impressa X9 has automated cleaning and de-scaling cycles that make the maintenance of the equipment as easy as possible.  This machine also has an adjustable spout allowing for the use of various sizes of cups and glasses.  Milk fridges and cup warmers are availbale for use with this system.  We have found that the Impressa X9 is at home in many different situations from offices and meeting rooms to coffee shops and restaurants.  We would recommend that the Imperssa X9 is used in sites wishing to produce up to 100 coffees per day.  It does have a hot water option but is not designed for use as a boiler.  If there is a requirement for large amounts of hot water we would recommend the use of a proper hot water boiler.  If you do try and use your Jura coffee machine to do this you will find that it simply will not cope with the demand.

Currently we can also supply refurbished Jura XS90 machines.  These are the smaller brother to the Impressa X9 and only feature one bean hopper so only one type of coffee bean can be used (although there is a facility to use a shot of ground coffee in order to provide decaffeinated options for all of the drinks).  Unlike the the Impressa X9 there are two drinks stations: one for the milk based drinks and one for espresso and black coffees.  The process itself is completely automatic and takes only one press of a button to produce a cappuccino but you must make sure that you place your cup under the correct nozzle.  As with the X9 the cleaning and de-scaling process is completely automated.  As it has a lower capacity we would recommend that the XS90 is used it sites wishing to produce up to 50 coffees per day.

Both of these machines will create a lovely coffee and both are simple to use.  If you would like to learn more or would like demonstration of either please call the office.  If you are looking for a different machine in the Jura range it is worth asking as we often have alternative units available.

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The Darenth Encore Auto Coffee Vending Machine

We are delighted to be able to offer another in the range of Darenth coffee vending machines.  The Encore Auto is a five choice machine that uses the popular Kenco In Cup range of drinks.  Available in this range are a number of Kenco coffees, PG Tips tea, Kenco Cappio (a sweetened frothy coffee), Suchard chocolate and Knorr soup.  The beauty of the In Cup system is that there is a consistency of drink that you just don’t get with machines using loose ingredients.  Each drink comes in a quality paper cup that is individually branded which help to maintain the quality feel of the product.

The Encore Auto itself  has five drink choices and an automatic, internal sugar dispenser.  To use the machine you press the button for the drink that you want, the machine drops the cup and then you move the cup to the sugar station and then to the hot water nozzle.  This coffee vending machine can be fitted with a coin mechanism, although it is worth noting that this does not give change.  This coffee vending machine is also able to sit on top of the Darenth range of half height snacks and can vendors.  This allows you to provide your staff with a complete refreshment solution.

The Encore Auto is suitable for a great many applications including in offices, car garages, warehouses and reception areas.  It is easy to use and maintain, requiring very little by way of daily maintenance.  Kenco Local Business Service offer this machine on a rental, lease and purchase basis across London and the Home Counties.  We can provide all of the products that will require for use in this machine as well as comprehensive service support and training.  Our base near Hemel Hempstead also allows us to provide a top class service in towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Slough and Reading.  For more information please give the office a call on 01494 785808.

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Wastage Will Be The Least Of Your Worries

The single serve coffee machines are special. There is no leftover waste and little-to-no preparation or clean-up. For small to medium sized locations a coffee machine using a pod system ensures that fresh coffee is used for every cup. Two advantages specific to the Colibri coffee machine over its competitors are a short brew time and the absence of paper filters which improves the quality of the final output. The Colibri will brew a fresh new individual cup of coffee on demand, ensuring the finished product is fresh and enjoyable. The machine has its own frother which creates the steamed milk giving the real cappuccino flavour.

You can get espresso, café latte, cappuccino, café mocha, long black and hot chocolate all at the touch of a button with such a machine. The Colibri LX12 is a single-cup machine which can also brew full carafes. If you are on the lookout for an office coffee machine which needs to dispense around 300-450 cups monthly, then it probably is the most suitable machine for your needs. Having great tasting coffee in the work setting communicates a positive quality orientated image — which is precisely what the doctor ordered. It has five product canisters — one each for coffee beans, ground coffee, powdered milk, French vanilla and cocoa.

The Colibri LX8 is a table top coffee machine in a space of less than 16” x 20” making it possible for even the smallest office locations to enjoy the experience of real, fresh bean to cup coffee and other hot drinks. Best of all, it offers innovative design and features not normally available in a coffee machine of this size. It is equipped with a high-tech grinder and brewer designed to maximize coffee-making ability. Its large direct selections buttons ensure user friendliness. For water supplies you can always connect up a Colibri coffee machine to the mains. The auto clean system makes maintenance a breeze. If you don’t want to offer free vend, you can communicate the need to make your machine coin mech/ bill mech/ credit card reader enabled to the manufacturer and they will make it vending capable.

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Use Products You Love and Trust

People have come to depend on coffee vending machines to stay caffeinated all day. Even those who don’t drink coffee but prefer drinking tea, hot chocolate or soup often get it from these machines. If it is in office, then you are likely to get to know the preferences of the users and can stock products accordingly. On the other hand, if you have set up your machine at some other location like a hospital or transport terminal where customers differ everyday you have no way to gauge what their requirements are. So the best way to deal with such a situation is to stock it with products you love and trust.

Owners of coffee shops often can’t decide which models are the most appropriate. In such a situation they should keep in mind what their customers are likely desire. Vending machines don’t dispense just hot drinks or other beverages; they dispense various kinds of snacks too. If your vending machine is placed in a school don’t expect healthy foods to sell as well as they would in a work environment with health conscious adults coming for a quality snack. Crackers are also a good selling vending machine item. With vending companies bringing high technology to their machines such as employing soft-drop and conveyor technology that allows them to vend such things as fruit and glass bottles, the business has become more health and environmentally conscious.

Whether your machines vend coffee or snacks or cold drinks, you can always get vending machines for hire when you need more machines or are trying out new locations. Some of the things you need to look into before agreeing to terms of hire include that the bill changer should be a well-built electronic one, preferably one that is a 4-way accepter. This provides certain flexibility in pricing and purchasing which adds to the ease of use. Look at the aesthetics and ensure the machine has a stylish design, with a good application of colors or paints. People do get judge utility by looks even if that is somewhat irrational.

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Multiple Options Before You: Take Your Pick

You want something that is both functional and has aesthetic value whether it is one of the many instruments you use in the office and home or something as prosaic as vending machines in London . This is because we tend to feast with our eyes before we actually drink or eat something. It is this phenomenon that restaurateurs and coffee shop owners capitalize on. When you have acquired the vending machine that you want at a good location then it devolves upon you to keep it supplied with merchandise which is much in demand. The seller will normally give you the details on where and how to get the supplies you need.

By looking over the financial records of someone who is already in the vending business you can see at a glance how you can make more money at which location. It will also give you an idea of the kind of turnover you can expect from specific products. On the other hand, if you think that you stand to earn more money by investing in a coffee machine in London , then cast around to see which would be most appropriate for your budget and the clientele you are likeliest to be servicing. The things that should score highest are durability, with avant-garde technology, innovation, simplicity and versatility.

In the field of coffee making machines you have a choice of the drip coffee makers as well as vacuum coffee makers. The vacuum type is really suited to the coffee purist who has the time to create the perfect cuppa as they are a bit like a chemistry set and can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. The type of coffee you want therefore influences the type of machine you choose. You will also have to consider the capabilities of the equipment. You should determine just how much coffee the machine would need to produce at any given time. You do not want to buy a complicated model that people will be fumbling to operate during a busy lunch rush. Ease of operation and maintenance have to be concerns when you shop for your coffee machine.

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