Kenco Millicano in the 12oz vending format

From time to time we do get asked to supply a coffee vending machine that will dispense a 12oz drink.  This is often the case in public sites such as universities, museums and council buildings.  The thinking behind this sized measure is that it is more in keeping with the High Street offer where it is not unusual to see a 12oz or even larger cappuccino or latte.  Traditionally coffee vending machines have dispensed at either the 7 or 9oz size, often into a plastic cup.  The Astro “Big One” was designed to dispense a larger, better quality coffee into a paper cup in order to cater for these changing tastes.  Up until now it has often been assumed that the best way to ensure this better quality offer was to use the bean to cup variant of the machine.  Whilst this does undeniably produce a very good coffee the machine is more expensive and the drink much slower to dispense than the instant ingredient version.  The other issue is that if you are selling a relatively low volume of drinks or there is variable usage you may well have a problem with coffee beans sitting in the machine and going stale.  There is now an answer to these potential problems.

Kenco Millicano is an instant product that creates the illusion of being a freshly ground coffee, indeed there is even a creme on the espresso.   The benefits of this product over fresh beans are as follows.  Firstly the drink dispenses much quicker so if you do have a number of people looking to use the machine at one time there is less queuing.  Secondly the product takes much longer to go stale than fresh beans so there is a better consistency of product.  Thirdly the machine is cheaper than the bean to cup version, not to mention being easier to clean and maintain.  Lastly the per cup cost of the product itself is lower, which is obviously good news for whoever is paying for it!

All in all you may well find that if you want to offer a premium product Kenco Wholebean Millicano is a very good option.  For more information please give us a call.

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Why not sign up for the Kenco Vending newsletter?

Every month or so we send out the Kenco Vending newsletter.  This features special offers, new products and service updates.  Why not sign up by using the easy form on the website.  This will ensure that you are the first to hear about the latest goings on.  In recent news letters we have brought you the new Jura GIGA range of equipment, the launch of Kenco Millicano and the new cappuccino creamer capsule in the Kenco Singles range.  In the future we also intend to include some special offers that will be exclusive to the newsletter.   We hope that you sign up to it as we feel it will be well worth your while.

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The rise in coffee standards outside of London

Over the sixteen years that we have been in business we have noticed a changing demand in the coffee that our customers expect from their coffee machine.  When we started there was an acceptance that coffee vending machines often produced what can only be described as brown, warm and wet.  This wasn’t actually always the case as the Kenco Singles machine was in existence back then and has always produced a very good cup of filter coffee.  In addition to this the Kenco In Cup range was also a good quality instant offer packaged in paper cups rather than the cheap and flimsy plastic cups that many people thought of when imagining a hot drinks vending machine.  However there is no getting away from the fact that the perception was one of all coffee vending machines producing a lousy cup of coffee.

Today this acceptance of a poor quality drink has radically altered.  Thanks to the plethora of High Street coffee shops all over the country there is a real demand for high quality drinks in the workplace.  There is no question that this trend for coffee shops, and the subsequent demand for a better quality office coffee machine, started in London.  As we cover all of London, as well as areas such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Reading and Slough, we have noticed this demand spreading out from the London area.

There are a variety of ways to acheive this higher quality drink in the office environment.  The obvious way is to use whole beans and fresh milk.  The Jura range of machines are a good option as they are easy to use, exceptionally stylish and produce a very good espresso base for a range of speciality drinks, all produced at the touch of a button.

Bean to cup without fresh milk is also an option with the N & W Korinto and Kobalto being easy to use, requiring less cleaning than their fresh milk counterparts and still creating a fabulous cappucino, latte or espresso.

Typically bean to cup coffee machines are more expensive and also take longer to produce a drink than some others but a system that uses instant ingredients, such as the Bravilor Bolero or Crane Vision can be set up to use Kenco Millicano.  This fantastic new product gives the taste and aroma of a fresh ground coffee without the need for the complicated and often expensive equipment that one might normally need.  The Key to this product is to use it with a high quality whitener.  We always recommend Milfresh which is 100% milk and as such gives perfect froth on top of your cappuccino.

Lastly there is always the faithful Kenco Singles machine.  It is phenomenally reliable, requires almost no maintenance on the customers part and produces what is in reality a very good quality genuine filter coffee.  It also enables you to offer other drinks through the Twinings Peppermint and Early Grey drinks capsules as well as Suchards chocolate.

All in all the demand for a higher quality offering through your office coffee machine can be catered for in many different ways.  The best idea is to have one of our experienced sales team visit your premises and assess both your requirments and what is practical.  To arrange this please give us a call.

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New products in your snack vending machines

Kenco Local Business Service are always on the look out for new products to put into the snack vending machines that we service.  Recently we have started to stock Trebor Softmint sweets, Trebor Spearmints and also a couple of new McCoys flavours including Pickled Onion and Peppered Bullseye Steak.  These add to our already extensive range of crisps (including Walkers, McCoys, Real Crisps and Hula Hoops), chocolate (including Mars, Nestle, Cadbury and Kraft products) and the wide range of soft drinks that we carry.  We think that it is important to offer a good range of products  and also a range that evolves.  It is very easy to become complacent but we feel that our customers want the old favourites but also want a change every now and again to refresh the offer from their vending machine.

Kenco Local Business Service can often offer this equipment on a free loan if there are sufficient numbers of staff on site.  If you have a smaller site we can still offer snacks equipment but there may be a small rental charge.   We can supply these systems in London and towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Reading and Slough.  We can also visit to keep them cleaned and filled thereby taking all the hassle away from you.  If you would like more information about these machines or some advice as to which one would be the most suitable please give the office a call.

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Pros and cons of a “proper” coffee machine supplier versus an internet only operator

There are a plethora of Internet based companies that offer coffee machines and consumables for what appear very reasonable prices.  To the untrained eye it would appear that these deals are sometimes better than those offered by more “traditional” coffee machine suppliers.  However there are a number of factors that one should take into account before embarking on this route.

The first thing to consider is that typically these companies will demand payment up front rather than being able to offer any type of credit terms.  This obviously has a detrimental affect on your cash flow and can be a hassle finding a credit or debit card to pay on every time that you order.  We can offer an account with a 30 day credit term (subject to a credit check).  This makes ordering so much more straightforward.

The second point to consider, particularly in respect of machine purchases, is that the prices often do not include much in terms of warranty.  Any warranty is often added on top of the purchase price and sometimes if a warranty is offered you would have to return the machine back to the supplier (in the event that you have a problem with it).  Kenco Local Business Service have a team of their own service technicians in the field so if something goes wrong with your machine when it is covered we will visit you and fix it on your site.  This technical department also enables us to offer optional “proper” extended guarantees.

Often it is a very good idea to have an experienced salesman visit your place of work in order to offer some advice as to what system would be suitable for, and fit into, the area where you would like to place it.  Again most of the web based suppliers simply cannot offer this.  They may be based at the other end of the country and/or not have any sales team at all anyway.  We cover only London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  As such we can offer a full consultative service free of charge in order to ensure that you get the right system.  There is nothing worse than buying or leasing a piece of equipment and realising a few months later that it simply isn’t right for you.  At this point it is often too late: you are either stuck with it or have to spend more money getting the right machine.

Another point to consider is that a lot of these websites will have pictures of a great range of products.  The impression is given of a large company that holds a great many lines of products and machines in stock.  The reality is often very different.  You are likely to have to wait for orders because in fact they do not hold much in stock.  You often only know that you are going to have to wait after you have paid your money and you receive an email thanking you for your order whilst on the other hand informing you that you are going to have to wait days or weeks for it to be fulfilled.  We aim to hold in stock all of the consumables that you likely to order and if you order a machine we will always quote you a realistic lead time before accept the order.  If you are not happy with that lead time then you have the option to cancel the order.

I could carry on about this topic all day and there are other points to make, such as the fact that we will always set a machine up and install it where these web based companies often won’t and have no facility to offer this service, however I feel that I have probably made enough points.  Suffice to say the offers that are so prevalent on the web are often not as attractive as they first seem.  For some face to face advice and proper, personalised service back up please do give us a call on 01494 785808.

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Your London Jura coffee machine supplier

Kenco Local Business Service are an ideal choice of supplier of the Jura coffee machine range in London.  Due to the incredible popularity of the range there are a large number of companies who purport to supply them.  On the face of it there are a large number of options if you are looking to acquire these systems to use as office coffee machines in London.  However the reality is quite different.

Many of these companies that supply what is quite a specialised piece of equipment have little or no back up to offer.  This lack of back up can take the form of no salesmen to offer advice as to which machine is the most suitable or no technicians to set the machine up for you.  In the worst cases it can even mean that they cannot honour warranties that are sold with the machine and certainly can’t offers any extended cover or support after the first year.  Another issue that can arise is a lack of expertise to offer in the form of advice.  What this means is that if you phone up for a bit of technical advice or to find out how to get the best drink out of the machine then these companies don’t know where to start.  Some of them will contract out the technical work and installations to a third party.  Again this does cause problems as this costs the company contracting them in every time so they will tend to try their best not to call them.  To the end user this often means excuses not to send out a technician or attempts to charge for what should be covered under warranty.

The difference with us is that we can offer comprehensive warranties provided by our own in house service team.  This means that we have full control over response times and spare parts availability.  We also make sure that our technicians are all fully trained on the equipment that they might be asked to service (something which is not always the case with other companies).  It also means that if you require a little extra training on how to look after your office coffee machine in London Kenco Local Business Service can easily accommodate this request.  Alternatively if you simply need a bit of advice over the phone we can offer this too.  We also find that some London offices do not want a formal warranty but would rather call us out on an occasional basis if and when they need some service support.  Again because of our flexibility we can easily offer this service.

Kenco Local Business Service also carry all of the Jura filters and cleaning products in stock so if you need these we can supply them very quickly in addition to as many coffee beans as you want!

As you can see with our expertise and experience together with the products that we keep in stock we are the ideal choice if you are looking for a supplier of Jura office coffee machines in London.  If you would like some advice or any information on this range of equipment please call the office on 01494 785808.

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The new Claris Ultra water filter range

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have always been champions of using a good quality water filter on your coffee machine or coffee vending machine.  A decent filter will give you a better quality drink and a more reliable machine as it helps reduce problems caused by limescale build up.  However treating the water by removing limescale has one side affect as detailed below..

Whilst many may not be familiar with corrosion issues – if you have own or operate tea coffee machines or hot drink vending machines, I’m sure you’ll have encountered heating elements that have split and metals that have pin holes in them, both of these issues are caused by corrosion. The process of removing scale producing minerals does, unfortunately, alter the pH of the water produced. If water with a low pH passes through certain soft metal components for long periods of time then acidic corrosion may occur.

Another common corrosion issue is galvanic corrosion which occurs when enough residual minerals are present in the water to allow conductivity between softer and harder metals – this process puts small pin holes in one or both of the metals and can lead to unwanted metal migration into the water. In untreated hard tap water (such as in the south east of England and particularly London) the scale forming minerals have a tendency to offer protection against this phenomenon by trying to form a protective coating.

The Claris Ultra addresses these issues by uniquely combining mineral reduction technologies with mineral stabilisation properties to provide filtered water that is low in scale forming minerals but high in corrosion resistance. The manufacturers of this product contend that this makes it the first cartridge to successfully combine effective protection against both lime scale and corrosion.

The range consists of five cartridges with different capacities (with the largest size having a massive 20,000 litre capacity at 10 kH Alkalinity). As with other Claris water filters cartridge replacement is easy and requires no specialist tools.  In addition to this the cartridges work in horizontal or vertical positions and can be installed where little space is available. The design of the Everpure Claris system is also slated to offer lowest in class water pressure loss.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have been impressed by the original Claris water filter systems and are very keen to trial the new Ultra range out.  When we have some more information based on our own trials I will bring you more news here.  If you would like your existing water filter changed or would like us to fit one on your machines, whether you purchased it from us or not, please call the office.

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New products in our snack vending machines

Kenco Local Business Service offer a wide range of snack products in their snack vending machines and are always on the look out for more options.  Recently we have expanded our offer to include a couple of new items.

Aero peppermint chocolate bars are an indulgent treat and very popular with people of all ages.  As you may know they are a little more expensive than some of the other bars that are available and as such we were a little reluctant to try it.  In the end our desire to give our customers the best possible offer won out and we decided to try it.  I have to say that we were rewarded by some very promising initial sales figures though our snacks vending machines.  Areo Peppermint has now become a staple part of our range.

Another product that we have decided to try recently is the yogurt filled Belvita biscuits.  About a year ago we tried the cereal and milk plain Belvita biscuits and were pleasantly surprised by how well they went.  When Kraft decided to launch the yoghurt filled Belvite biscuits in the vending range we decided to try them out.  It is early days but the initial signs are good that they will be just as big a success as the plain Belvitas.

If you would like either of these products in your snack vending machines then please give Kenco Local Business Service a call on 01494 785808 and we will be happy to go through the equipment and product options with you.

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Water Filtration

You may or may not be aware that Flowtech Fluid Handling is no more and as such we cannot source the Dekal water treatment units that we have until very recently been using on our more high usage machines.  Do not worry as we have sourced an alternative which is every bit as good and, crucially, no more expensive.  These are the Banhard carbon treatment units from Aqua Cure.  They work in a very similar way and have a very similar capacity.  Importantly our customers should not notice any difference in the switch over to these units.

High quality water filtration is crucial on coffee and vending equipment in the south east of England in particular.  The area that we cover encompasses London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Berkshire and as such water filtration is of utmost importance.  In the long run it helps to protect the machine, therefore giving you a more reliable piece of equipment as well as giving you a better quality drink.  Water filters do carry a cost but we feel that this is more than made up for by the savings in machine downtime and the improvement in drink quality that they deliver.

Where we supply equipment we always ask if you would like a filter fitted and if you have a coffee machine already we can fit a water filter retrospectively.  There are other smaller units available for lower usage machines so whatever size and type of water filter your coffee machine requires we will have something suitable.  For more information please call the office and we will be happy to go through the options with you.

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Kenco Vending and Bravilor

Kenco Local Business Service have always supplied a few bits and pieces from the Bravilor range of filter coffee machines but that has traditionally been where it stops.  However we have been very impressed with other elements of the Bravilor range and as such have decided to expand the number of the manufacturers machines that we are willing to supply.  The Bravilor range is extensive and covers small filter coffee machines dispensing into Pyrex jugs or vacuum flasks to much large bulk brew machines and push button instant ingredient dispense systems.

The small filter machines are ideal for meeting rooms, small offices and restaurants where relatively small amounts of filter coffee are required.  We supply Kenco Westminster and Kenco Sustainable filter coffee in sachets that will produce a 3 pint measure.  The Westminster is a medium strength blend while the Kenco Sustainable is more of a medium to dark taste profile.  Both are exceptional coffees with the Westminster being particularly popular as a breakfast coffee.

Moving up the range are the Bravilor bulk brew machines.  These will dispense much larger quantities of filter coffee and hot water and are suitable for busy hotels and conferencing facilities.  These systems are extremely robust and reliable and we have found them to be very reasonably priced.

Finally there are the Bravilor Bolero range of machines.  These have recently come to prominence with Kraft’s decision to launch Millicano into the vending market and the subsequent move to make the flagship machine in this campaign the Bolero.  It is a simple, easy to use piece of equipment that will dispense a range of coffee based drinks including cappuccino and latte as well as hot chocolate, decaffeinated coffee and hot water.  When it is presented with the Millicano branding it really does look fantastic and very much the contemporary offer that it is.

We are currently look at other parts of this fantastic range of equipment and as soon as we have any news on other additions to our offer we will be sure to let you know here on the blog.  For more information on these machines or on any other part of our range please call the office.

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