Delay of the new Kenco Singles machine

Unfortunately there has been another slight delay in the launch of the much anticipated new style Kenco Singles machine.  We were expecting our first delivery of the new style machines to be in our warehouse in mid May.  It looks now like this will now happen in early June 2012.

As I have discussed before in this blog the new machine is 24% smaller than the existing model.  It is also much more modern in appearance and the machine launch will also coincide with the launch of two new drinks capsules, which will be the Cadbury chocolate and larger cappuccino drinks capsules.

The Kenco Singles brewer is a fantastic hot drinks system as it provides a range of high quality filter coffees and teas as well as hot chocolate and Kenco Cappio.  It is easy to use, requires very little regular maintenance and is industry leading for it’s reliability.  It has many applications but perhaps it’s most popular use is as an office coffee machine.

If you are interested in the Kenco Singles system then please give us a call.  We have both new and refurbished machi

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