Introducing Twinings – our new speciality tea & infusions partner!

To be honest, Twinings hardly needs any introduction to most of us! It is known throughout the UK and indeed the world as one of the premier speciality tea and herbal infusions producers since 1706 when it was founded by Thomas Twining. In the face of great opposition from pub landlords of his time (gin, coffee & ale were the mainstay – even for breakfast!) he began to sell tea from his coffee house on the Strand in London and he eventually opened the very first tea shop in London (The Golden Lyon) having won over some influential clients such as Charles II and later Jane Austen. His pledge to produce only the finest quality & variety of teas is still part of the Twinings ethos today and it has won over an enormous amount of fans worldwide.

It is therefore with great pride that we at Kenco Local Business Service are pleased to announce that we have recently established a trading partnership with Twinings which will enable us to offer a number of its most popular blends and infusions to our customers.

Aside from the fact that Twinings brings a high quality tea offer and pedigree to the table, a key component for our decision to supply Twinings is that many of our bean 2 cup customers have specialist coffee machines that by their very nature do not produce tea.

We felt that it was not enough to just supply our customers with the best quality coffee brands through these specialist coffee machines – we wanted to be able to provide a variety of high quality fresh leaf tea/infusions to compliment this and so bring to our customers a total high end solution all from one source.

To that end we are able to supply Twinings English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint/Lemon & Ginger and Green Tea in a variety of forms that may be used with a neat & slim line boiler purpose designed for the office environment at very low cost.

Positioned next to the customer’s bean 2 cup speciality coffee machine of choice the total proposition means that our customers are able to conveniently provide their staff and customers with all their Twinings tea favourites alongside Cappuccino, Latte. Espresso and Mocha coffees sourced from Kenco Italia dark roast espresso beans.

10 years ago it was rare to find such a high quality offer being supplied in the workplace. We have see a marked and sustained rise in demand for quality hot drinks solutions in recent years, perhaps driven by high street coffee shops and the influence of continental tastes.

Nowadays it is not always enough to just provide a basic tea and coffee facility in the traditional vending sense and we at Kenco Local Business Service recognise this trend.

We fervently believe that our bean 2 cup bespoke coffee systems, coupled with our Twinings speciality tea offer can now meet the more sophisticated expectations of our existing and future customers and we would like to invite you to ask us about what we could do for you!

For further information about our Twinings product range or even our speciality coffee systems please call us on 0845 061 1122 or email us at 

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