Kenco Local Business Service to stock Twinings tea bag range

Talks between Twinings and Kenco Local Business Service are at an advanced stage and off the back of these we expect to be stocking the Twinings range of enveloped tea bags within the next couple of months.  These will be an ideal accompaniment to table top bean to cup coffee machines were a hot water option is offered.  Twinings are able to supply stands and boxes that sit next to your coffee machine in order to offer a tidy and professional way of storing your tea bags.  All you need then is an empty cup and a shot of hot water from the coffee machine for an easy way of making a wide range of teas and infusions.

Initially we won’t stock the whole range but we will have the ability to order in any product that you want on a “special order” basis.  The items that we hold in stock will be limited to the core range.  This will include teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey as well as infusions such as Peppermint and Green Tea.

We think it will really enhance the offering where coffee is not the only requirement.  Many offices seem to run on coffee but it is always great to be able to offer an alternative.  The range of teas will be available to order via the telephone, email or fax, simply add them to your normal consumable order and (providing it is over our minimum order level) delivery is free of charge.   This range should really suit customers that have a Korinto, Kobalto or Krea coffee machine, or a separate hot water boiler.     There are also plans to offer bulk Twinings tea to be used in the freshbrew systems in the Voce and Canto coffee vending machines.  For more information on the Twinings tea range or to request a product list please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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