The new Claris Ultra water filter range

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have always been champions of using a good quality water filter on your coffee machine or coffee vending machine.  A decent filter will give you a better quality drink and a more reliable machine as it helps reduce problems caused by limescale build up.  However treating the water by removing limescale has one side affect as detailed below..

Whilst many may not be familiar with corrosion issues – if you have own or operate tea coffee machines or hot drink vending machines, I’m sure you’ll have encountered heating elements that have split and metals that have pin holes in them, both of these issues are caused by corrosion. The process of removing scale producing minerals does, unfortunately, alter the pH of the water produced. If water with a low pH passes through certain soft metal components for long periods of time then acidic corrosion may occur.

Another common corrosion issue is galvanic corrosion which occurs when enough residual minerals are present in the water to allow conductivity between softer and harder metals – this process puts small pin holes in one or both of the metals and can lead to unwanted metal migration into the water. In untreated hard tap water (such as in the south east of England and particularly London) the scale forming minerals have a tendency to offer protection against this phenomenon by trying to form a protective coating.

The Claris Ultra addresses these issues by uniquely combining mineral reduction technologies with mineral stabilisation properties to provide filtered water that is low in scale forming minerals but high in corrosion resistance. The manufacturers of this product contend that this makes it the first cartridge to successfully combine effective protection against both lime scale and corrosion.

The range consists of five cartridges with different capacities (with the largest size having a massive 20,000 litre capacity at 10 kH Alkalinity). As with other Claris water filters cartridge replacement is easy and requires no specialist tools.  In addition to this the cartridges work in horizontal or vertical positions and can be installed where little space is available. The design of the Everpure Claris system is also slated to offer lowest in class water pressure loss.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we have been impressed by the original Claris water filter systems and are very keen to trial the new Ultra range out.  When we have some more information based on our own trials I will bring you more news here.  If you would like your existing water filter changed or would like us to fit one on your machines, whether you purchased it from us or not, please call the office.

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