The rise in coffee standards outside of London

Over the sixteen years that we have been in business we have noticed a changing demand in the coffee that our customers expect from their coffee machine.  When we started there was an acceptance that coffee vending machines often produced what can only be described as brown, warm and wet.  This wasn’t actually always the case as the Kenco Singles machine was in existence back then and has always produced a very good cup of filter coffee.  In addition to this the Kenco In Cup range was also a good quality instant offer packaged in paper cups rather than the cheap and flimsy plastic cups that many people thought of when imagining a hot drinks vending machine.  However there is no getting away from the fact that the perception was one of all coffee vending machines producing a lousy cup of coffee.

Today this acceptance of a poor quality drink has radically altered.  Thanks to the plethora of High Street coffee shops all over the country there is a real demand for high quality drinks in the workplace.  There is no question that this trend for coffee shops, and the subsequent demand for a better quality office coffee machine, started in London.  As we cover all of London, as well as areas such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Reading and Slough, we have noticed this demand spreading out from the London area.

There are a variety of ways to acheive this higher quality drink in the office environment.  The obvious way is to use whole beans and fresh milk.  The Jura range of machines are a good option as they are easy to use, exceptionally stylish and produce a very good espresso base for a range of speciality drinks, all produced at the touch of a button.

Bean to cup without fresh milk is also an option with the N & W Korinto and Kobalto being easy to use, requiring less cleaning than their fresh milk counterparts and still creating a fabulous cappucino, latte or espresso.

Typically bean to cup coffee machines are more expensive and also take longer to produce a drink than some others but a system that uses instant ingredients, such as the Bravilor Bolero or Crane Vision can be set up to use Kenco Millicano.  This fantastic new product gives the taste and aroma of a fresh ground coffee without the need for the complicated and often expensive equipment that one might normally need.  The Key to this product is to use it with a high quality whitener.  We always recommend Milfresh which is 100% milk and as such gives perfect froth on top of your cappuccino.

Lastly there is always the faithful Kenco Singles machine.  It is phenomenally reliable, requires almost no maintenance on the customers part and produces what is in reality a very good quality genuine filter coffee.  It also enables you to offer other drinks through the Twinings Peppermint and Early Grey drinks capsules as well as Suchards chocolate.

All in all the demand for a higher quality offering through your office coffee machine can be catered for in many different ways.  The best idea is to have one of our experienced sales team visit your premises and assess both your requirments and what is practical.  To arrange this please give us a call.

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