An Office Vending Machine can be a Lucrative Business

Running vending coffee machines in offices or the office vending machine can be a truly lucrative business, provided you play your cards right. This is because every office needs to offer beverages and to serve food to its personnel and visitors —regardless of the size of the organization. Vending coffee machines are always a hit in offices as much as they are in other locations like hospitals, educational institutions and malls. A significant proportion of people relax over a cup of coffee when they need to wind down a little or recharge themselves.

When the vending coffee machines are of designs which permit the brewing of specialty coffees, then the fragrance of the freshly brewed coffee is adequate to make people perk up. However, the office vending machine should ideally be a combi vending machine. That way people can get both snacks and drinks from the office vending machine . It saves people a lot of time when they are hard pressed for a deadline and don’t need to go out to catch a bite or skip a meal altogether.

You do need to be savvy about what to stock in your office vending machine. While it is good to offer tasty tidbits, one should also be wary of not putting people’s health in jeopardy. Confectionary, chocolates, biscuits, crisps and pretzels are popular everywhere, but people are also beginning to look for healthy options like fruit chunks, nuts and granola bars. And, apart from fizzy drinks or fruit juices you should also be able to dispense sparkling and still water from your office vending machine .

Vending coffee machines today increasingly utilize technology where the cups are already loaded with the correct quantity of the right ingredients even before they leave the factory. This ensures that every cup tastes great and those who want a milder taste can dilute it with hot water. Hybrid vending coffee machines have also come on the market in recent years. These offer the best quality bean to cup coffee — as well as an in-cup selection of soups, green teas and hot chocolates etc. You simply need to decide what suits you best.

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