New products in our snack vending machines

Kenco Local Business Service offer a wide range of snack products in their snack vending machines and are always on the look out for more options.  Recently we have expanded our offer to include a couple of new items.

Aero peppermint chocolate bars are an indulgent treat and very popular with people of all ages.  As you may know they are a little more expensive than some of the other bars that are available and as such we were a little reluctant to try it.  In the end our desire to give our customers the best possible offer won out and we decided to try it.  I have to say that we were rewarded by some very promising initial sales figures though our snacks vending machines.  Areo Peppermint has now become a staple part of our range.

Another product that we have decided to try recently is the yogurt filled Belvita biscuits.  About a year ago we tried the cereal and milk plain Belvita biscuits and were pleasantly surprised by how well they went.  When Kraft decided to launch the yoghurt filled Belvite biscuits in the vending range we decided to try them out.  It is early days but the initial signs are good that they will be just as big a success as the plain Belvitas.

If you would like either of these products in your snack vending machines then please give Kenco Local Business Service a call on 01494 785808 and we will be happy to go through the equipment and product options with you.

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