New snacks products available through our vending machines

We are always on the lookout for new products to go into our snack vending machines.  In recent times we have introduced a wider Cadbury range of chocolate as well as peppermint Aero bars and Belvita breakfast biscuits, all of which have proved to be very popular.  In the interests of improving our range even further we have started to stock Burts hand cooked crisps in our snacks machines.  There are four flavours available including Guinness Rich Beef Chilli, Caribbean Chilli Beef, Spicy Chorizo and Reggae Reggae.  This range a bit more variety to our crisp offering.  Most of these machines can also offer a range of cold drinks including both bottles and cans.  This allows for the dispensing of Coca Cola and Pepsi products as well as a number of other lines such as Britvic orange juice, Mountain Dew, Red Bull and Lucozade energy drinks and still and sparkling water.

Our snack machines work well when placed next to one of our floor standing hot drinks machines such as the Astro or the Voce.  These coffee vending machines will produce a wide range of coffee based drinks such as cappuccino, latte, espresso, mocha and americano as well as hot chocolate, tea and soup.  These can be dispensed into cup sizes from 7oz to 12oz.   This allows you to offer a full range of good quality hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks from one vending area.

We supply snacks, cold drinks and hot drinks vending solutions across London as well as towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Slough and Reading. We can offer both the supply of equipment as well as full technical support from our team of in house technicians.  If you would like our operators can visit to keep your vending machines filled and cleaned, saving you and your staff the hassle of doing it.

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