Proper Maintenance of Vending Machines and Coffee Machines

These days’ vending machines and vending coffee machines are to be seen almost everywhere – offices, educational institutions, railway stations, and shopping malls and possibly in some places where you don’t expect to see them. While those running the vending machines earn quite a pretty penny, they tend to ignore a critical aspect. Proper maintenance of any and every machine ensures that there are fewer breakdowns and other glitches.

In case of vending coffee machines in particular and other vending machines which dispense frozen/cold items like chocolate bars, sodas and other fizzy drinks, it is advisable to periodically clean refrigeration condensers. Especially full line vending machines require a refrigerator compartment. Vending coffee machines often store milk in a refrigerated bin to dispense those delicious ristrettos, espressos or café crèmes. Remember to lubricate mechanical parts and adjust the machines to avoid any problems.

In case the machine breaks down, vending machine repairers fix the obvious problems, like loose electrical wires, malfunctions of the coin mechanism and leaks. However if it’s a major problem, then testing devices such as electrical circuit testers are to be used to find defective parts, and the defective part is either fixed or replaced. While servicing, a circuit board or other component is only replaced. These repairers employed by small companies, fill and fix machines on a regular basis. They collect money; fill coin and currency changers, and repair machines when necessary.

When you buy a vending machine or a vending coffee machine check out whether the manufacturer or dealer is offering any kind of annual maintenance contract (AMC). People are usually savvy enough to look at warranties and guarantees. What they usually overlook is that regular maintenance may not necessarily entail the replacement of worn out or damaged parts. Some vending machines even have a vend detector system to ensure trouble free dispensing. Reliable manufacturers of coffee vending machines will usually provide you with such high quality machines that you will find that all you need to do by way of maintenance is to clean them regularly!

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