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Like many responsible businesses we are always looking or ways to decrease the environmental impact we have when conducting our day to day operations.

The great majority are simple practices that any company may apply but most importantly being an environmentally aware business is all about one's attitude. Whether you are a local firm or a global player thinking about what your business operation involves and how it impacts your surroundings.

Many of our customers also require their suppliers to demonstrate a high level of sustainability in their business practices and through the sourcing of their products. For example, we have an extensive relationship with many local government councils and government departments who are now having to source services that not only meet their budget constraints but also meet with their sustainability targets as well something we embrace alongside them.

Products and Consumables

There are a few broad areas that we undertake to provide a more environmentally friendly service and products. The first is the core range of drinks themselves.

We supply Kenco coffees, PG Tips tea and Suchard chocolate as our main drinks offer and regardless of how they are packaged or what system they are used with (Kenco Singles, Incup, vending bags, beans etc) they are all sourced by Kraft from farms that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance and who have successfully demonstrated their commitment to good farm management practices for environmental sustainability, the welfare of the migrant farmers and quality of product.

A new addition to the chocolate range is Cadbury which is also committed to sourcing sustainable cocoa beans for its products that are Fairtrade certified.

Spare parts and machine refurbishment

Another area that we aim to reduce our carbon footprint is spare parts and particularly in our commitment to recycle and use refurbished parts where possible in our vending equipment. We often have enquiries for refurbished machines and so our service engineer staff work round the clock at times to maintain a supply of coffee machines, snack machines and even cold drinks machines that were previously used.

Parts are likewise reused where possible such as expensive items like circuit boards, brewing mechanisms and commercial filters. Where it is not possible to refurbish a machine we always try to break it down for reusable parts and only after that is the rest of the machine then sent to a WEEE recycling facility based in Corby for proper and responsible disposal/breakdown. Where we need to provide new equipment we try as far as is possible to source them from manufacturers who also demonstrate a commitment to greener manufacturing processes such as N&W who are themselves continuously improving their production methods top reduce their environmental impact.


Recycling of consumable items at our warehouse is another method we have found that we can significantly lower wastage.

We reuse a large amount of packaging for our drinks deliveries rather than wastefully throwing it away and purchasing new boxes and filler materials. Where the cardboard is too damaged for reuse we take it to a proper recycling facility based nearby the warehouse in Aylesbury (approximately 1 Luton van load per month).

Many of our customers also generate a lot of ground coffee waste through their bean 2 cup equipment etc and coffee grounds are a fantastic source for composting (we ourselves use it in our gardens).


Finally it is definitely worthy of note that in terms of logistics we aim to be as lean as possible. The KLBS network (many branches across the country) ensures fewer delivery miles are incurred in more local catchment areas. Where possible, our salespersons and service engineers use local transport rather than vehicles to conduct appointments and service calls. Our service engineers also attempt phone fixes before attending fault calls just in case it can be remedied this way. Although the sales staff do carry brochures, as much as possible is emailed to reduce paper consumption, pdf images of the equipment and prices etc.

These are the main areas that we are committed to minimising our impact while conducting our day to day business and it has stood us in good stead with a great many of our customers. As time goes on we will always look to improve upon them where an opportunity to do so is identified.

As we can see from the examples above, adopting sustainable business practices need not be technically difficult or time consuming. Rather it is simply a matter of forethought and having a willingness to do ones part for the environment that we all share.

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