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The Kenco Singles machine is a stylish and reliable tabletop system which offers a great choice of freshly filtered hot drinks.  It is very easy to maintain and tremendously reliable, making it perfect for offices, meeting rooms and reception areas.

With Kenco Singles every drink is freshly prepared and filtered to deliver great tasting, high quality drinks, time and time again.  The secret lies in the capsule, with just a little bit of magic.  Each capsule has its own special filter system and contains just the right amount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate which is foil sealed for freshness.  The intelligent capsule then tells the system to make sure the temperature is just perfect for that freshly brewed taste in every drink.

There are a wide range of drinks available from a selection of filter coffees to Suchards chocolate and low calorie chocolate as well as PG Tips and Twinings tea.  There are even Twinings fruit and herbal infusions included in the range.

A range of cabinets are available for the machine to sit on if you wish.  This transforms the machine into a stand alone system and increases the capacity of the used capsule bin considerably.

The Kenco Singles Brewer can be plumbed or set up as manual fill allowing it to be situated almost anywhere.

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