A new stylish coffee vending machine

The long awaited successor to the highly popular and successful Astro has arrived.  So far we have been very impressed with the N & W Canto coffee vending machine.  It will suit offices, factories and warehouses alike.

When it comes to technological innovation and high quality drinks, Canto is in a class of its own. With the combination of a clean, uncluttered style and an understatedly stylish line, Canto simply glows with elegance. Thanks to innovative technologies, drinks of all varieties are delivered at optimum quality. From perfect Italian espressos and authentic English teas to frothy cappuccinos and creamy chocolates, all individual tastes are catered for in this desirable example of fine Italian craftsmanship.

The Canto coffee vending machine will dispense 7oz, 9oz or 12oz drinks.  A full range of coffee specialities, decaffeinated options, tea and soups are available.  These can be delivered into a plastic or paper vending cup or even into the customers own china mug or china cup.  You will be amazed by the quality of the drinks when this machine is combined with the quality Kenco coffee beans and Milfresh 100% milk granules.

Please call the office on 01494 785080 for more details.

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