N & W Samba Vending Machine.

The word “Samba” conjures images of Brazilian exuberance and flair, and N&W’s new snacks and soft drinks machine doesn’t disappoint. However the Samba vending machine’s beauty is not just skin deep: beneath the highly intuitive and user-friendly interface lies a solid, Italian engineered thoroughbred – making it a worthy winner of the Auto Vending 2008 Innovation Award for Machine Intelligence.

Not since the Tardis has a machine been produced that is so much bigger on the inside than appears possible – Samba is slim enough to pass through 800mm door openings! It’s a smart vending machine too, in both senses of the word. An elegant, aluminium door sets a style motif that is enhanced by directional LED lighting, a large LCD display and a hi-tech glass panel. It’s not just about looks, though: Samba offers rolling price displays, a photocell delivery detection system, programmable temperature and life-cycle design.

N&W’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated in Samba’s delivery bin. Few customers relish the idea of plunging a hand into an unseen, dark void to retrieve a purchase, but with Samba, they don’t have to. Samba opens to present its products to purchasers.

All of which might lead you to conclude that Samba is an energy-sucking monster, but the reverse is true. By its use of LED lighting and a high-performance refrigeration system, Samba achieves the top EVA (European Vending Association) energy rating of ‘A+’. With energy consumption of just 212 Wh/h, it outperforms its nearest competitor by 20%. Also it features programmable energy saving. Additionally, the airflow has been designed to blow from front to front, meaning that the machine can be pushed hard against a wall – saving space without compromising performance.

We feel that the Samba vending machine is a great addition to our range.  It allows us to vend snacks, cans and bottles from the same machine.  This vending machine also allows us to fit a larger, higher capacity machine through “normal” sized doors.  Traditionally this was always a bit of a problem.  All in all the Samba vending machine is a great addition to our portfolio of machines.

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