Jura Giga X7 Coffee Machine

We have recently purchased a new Jura Giga X7 bean to cup coffee machine as we were very impressed with it when we saw it at the official launch and wanted a demonstration machine.  When this machine arrived in the office we promptly set it up and were delighted with the ease of use and the quality of the drinks produced.  It cememted in our minds it’s suitability as an office coffee machine.  Very shortly afterwards a good customer of ours was let down buy another supplier and left without a coffee machine for their cafe, they asked us for help and we supplied the Giga X7 as a stop gap solution.  In truth we did have our doubts about it’s suitability in that environment but it was the only piece of equipment that we had available and we could supply quickly enough – so we felt something was better than nothing.  However, we have been delighted at how well it has coped.  It is true to say that it is not suitable for producing large quantities of hot water and as such needs to be placed with a hot water boiler but  in terms of the coffee side it has coped surprisingly well.

Jura GIGAX9 Front 2 Capp

This unexpected trial has confirmed our belief that the new Jura Giga machines are a fantastic addition to our range.  Initially designated for the office we have, unintentionally, proved that it is much more than simply an office coffee machine.

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