Kenco Singles Brewer – the new two stage cappuccino drink

We have received confirmation that the New Kenco Singles machine will be launched with a couple of additions to the drinks range.  Perhaps the most exciting of these is the new Cappuccino drink.  The Kenco Cappio option will remain but along side it will be a frothy milk capsule.  When this is combined with the Carte Noire Espresso singles capsule you can produce a much more authentic, and larger, cappuccino drink. 

At Kenco Local Business Service we believe that this is one of the most exciting additions to the range of Kenco Singles drinks in years.  We are expecting to have stock of the new drinks at some point in the second half of April 2012.  We are also pleased that it is our understanding that the new drinks will work on older machines.  For more information please call the office.

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