Coffee Machines for the London Area

If you’re based around the London area, our partner London Coffee Machines supplies commercial coffee machines, to London and all the Home Counties. Providing the latest equipment and machines with many exciting options including touch screen displays, there has never been a better time for bringing great tasting coffee from the high street into your office.


London Coffee Machines cater for all business types large or small, whether you are looking for office coffee machines, commercial bean to cup coffee machines you will find these and more backup up by your favourite exceptional coffee brands.


Take a look for yourself at the latest rental coffee machines and coffee machine leasing options.

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Cleaning guides for your Rental Coffee Machines

We are delighted to bring our first set of animated cleaning guides for your Rental Coffee Machines available from our partner website London Coffee Machines.

The guides cover cleaning your Lavazza Easy, Krea, Korinto, and Kenco Singles Coffee Machines

All machines, and particularly Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machines, require regular cleaning. Our experienced technical team always give training on how to keep the machines cleaned when we install them but instructions are sometimes forgotten, or staff change, and so the online guide prove to be an invaluable resource for our customers.

The coffee machine-cleaning guides run through the various steps of the cleaning process, from daily maintenance to weekly and more infrequent tasks. The most common daily activities for keeping your Office Coffee Machines in great condition are emptying and cleaning the Grout/Capsule Bins and drip trays. This is more important on the volume of drinks the machine serves on a daily basis.

Trouble shooting guides and frequently asked operational questions about each machine are also available, you will be able to answer most questions and issues by simply looking at this website

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Animated cleaning guides for your office coffee machines

Over the past six months London Coffee Machines Ltd. have been producing a range of animated cleaning guides for use with your office coffee machine.  To date the Kenco Singles machine, Lavazza Easy machine, Korinto bean to cup coffee machine and Krea bean to cup coffee machine have all been covered.  These guides are exceptionally high quality and should be an invaluable tool if you have forgotten how to clean your machine or perhaps misplaced the manual.  This is not designed to replace the already exceptional customer support that is available but to add to it.

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Christmas and New Year 2014 opening times

The office will be closing at 2pm on Christmas Eve and re-opening on Monday 29th December at 10am.  We will then be open 10am to 4pm on the  29th, 30th, 31st December and 2nd January.  As you may imagine we will be closed on 1st January 2015.  We will be back to normal from Monday 5th January 2015.  Over this period we will be offering full technical support although deliveries will be limited so it is worth getting your orders in by Friday 19th December to ensure that they are delivered before Christmas.

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Free on Loan Bean To Cup Coffee Machines Available

We currently have a number of bean to cup coffee machines suitable for an office environment available on free loan deals meaning that you pay only for the drinks that you use.  We have a range of equipment available on this deal including the Kobalto, Korinto, Koro and Esprecious machines.  For more information about this please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Free case of Carte Noire beans with every bean to cup coffee machine delivered before the end of 2014

We are delighted to be able to offer a free case of Carte Noire coffee beans with every bean to cup coffee machine that we deliver before the end of 2014.  This great deal gives you the chance to try out the luxurious taste of continental style Carte Noire coffee free of charge!

If you are looking for an office coffee machine why not try one of our bean to cup machines such as the Krea or Jura GIGA.  These stylish dispensers will give you coffee shop quality cappuccinos and lattes in your office at a fraction of the cost of a Starbucks or Costa.

For more information about our range of equipment or the various whole coffee beans available give us a call on 0845 061 1122.

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Cadbury chocolate now available in In Cup format

We are delighted to announce that we are now holding stock of in cup Cadbury chocolate in the 76mm paper cup format.  This product will be compatible with all Kenco In Cup machines including the Connections, Network and K Bar.  The other good news is that it is the same price as the existing In Cup Suchard hot chocolate.

For more information about ordering this product please call us on 0845 061 1122.

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Tassimo discs available through Kenco Local Business Service

We are now able to supply Tassimo discs for the domestic Tassimo machine.  This is not applicable to many business premises but may find use in small meeting rooms or reception areas.  It has also been used in high end hotel rooms in order to offer guests a wide range of high quality beverages.

The Tassimo system is an easy way to provide small volumes of high quality coffees, teas and chocolate and allows for the production of a good quality Cappuccino or Latte.  Brands such as Kenco, Carte Noire and Cadbury are available as well as the well know High Street coffee brand Costa.

For more information on this system please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Cadbury chocolate now available in the Singles format!

At long last we have stock of the new Cadbury chocolate Singles capsule.  The chocolate used in the capsule is the new Cadbury One blend and has had very positive feedback.  If you would like to order some for your Kenco Singles machine then please give us a call on 0845 061 1122.

We will also shortly be taking delivery of Cadbury chocolate in the 76mm paper In Cup format as well as in 10 x 1kg vending bags.

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Cadbury Chocolate launch imminent in Singles and In Cup ranges

We have long been promised the launch of Cadbury drinking chocolate in the Kenco Singles range and it now looks as if it will finally happen.  We should have stock of this exciting new product within the next two months.

As if that isn’t enough we were pleasantly surprised to find out that there are also plans afoot to launch it into the Kenco In Cup range of drinks.  We would hope to have stock within three months of this.

In the case of both products it will be the new Cadbury One product that is used and there will be more chocolate per serving than is currently the case in the Suchard chocolate drink in both ranges.  At the moment we have no information regarding the price of these two developments but if you do need further information please give the office a call on 0845 061 1122.

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