Bank of England announce the launch of a new £1 coin

In the past couple of weeks there has been an announcement of a new £1 coin,  which was greeted with a collective groan from the vending industry!  There are no firm dates for implementation but it does seem certain that in next few years we will all be confronted by this new coin.  This does present us with a certain amount of extra work but is by no means an insurmountable problem.  All the coin mechanisms that we use can be upgraded to accept the new coins by our fully trained team of technicians.  If you have a snacks machine or coffee vending machine from us that is fitted with a coin mechanism then, once the full details on the coin and timing has been confirmed, we will be contacting you to arrange fro the upgrading of coin mechanisms to enable them to accept the new coinage.

We offer a wide range of both snacks and drinks machines that can be fitted with coin mechanisms as well as a range of coffee machines that are free to use with no coin control.  Whatever the system that you require we will be able to supply something that is appropriate.  As our coin upgrade program demonstrates we also have the technical know how and resources to provide comprehensive support should you require it.  Our technical team are fully trained on all the equipment that we supply and carry a range of spare parts that enable us to offer a first time fix on most occasions.  We can also offer service support on equipment that we did not originally supply either in the form of one off call outs or on a warranty/contract basis.  We are able to provide service support on machines from a wide variety of manufacturers including N & W Global Vending, Crane, Jura, Kenco, Bravilor, Stentorfield and Polyvend.  For more information please give us a call on 0845 061 1122.

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New Cadbury chocolate powder launched

Mondelez have launched a new Cadbury hot chocolate powder that will replace the Dispense and Top Choc products.  The improved recipe has up to 68% more fat reduced cocoa, reduced complexity (making it suitable for all types of hot drinks machines) and a more consistent flow rate.

The Cadbury hot chocolate powder is compatible with a wide range of bean to cup coffee machines such as our Krea, Korinto and Kobalto models.  It is also designed for use in our floor standing coffee vending machines such as the Astro and Voce.

A good quality hot chocolate is important to complete the offering through a bean to cup coffee machine as, especially in the cold winter months, a frothy and indulgent hot chocolate is a very popular drink. For more information on this new product please give the office a call.  Kenco Local Business Service can supply this exciting new cadbury product across London and the surrounding areas.  This includes towns such as High Wycombe, Slough, Reading and Aylesbury.


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Carte Noire Coffee Beans Now Available

Carte Noire whole coffee beans are now available to order from Kenco Local Business Service.  These beans offer the unique Carte Noire coffee taste profile through your bean to cup coffee machine.

Carte Noire are one of the leaders in the production of premium quality coffee in France and have perfected its coffee roasting technique to ensure it captures the best aromas and flavors to create a range of delicious coffees. Expert roasters carefully select the finest beans from the most famous coffee regions of the world to create high quality Carte Noire coffee beans.

One of the most crucial contributing factors in creating Carte Noire quality coffee is the roasting process.  The fire and ice roasting process takes place under the expert eye of master roasters: just like ice extinguishes fire, the roasting of our beans is instantly stopped by a shower of cold water. The contrast between hot and cold helps to perfectly capture the aromas and flavors which create Carte Noire’s taste.

This coffee is ideal for premium locations such as London hotels and coffee houses, or office environments where only the best quality products will do.  These beans will impress both staff and customers alike and will set your coffee aside from the rest.

We have been trialing these beans through the bean to cup coffee machine in our office and have been very impressed with the quality of the drinks produced.  Machines such as the Krea, Korinto, Kobalto and the Rex Royal S200 are ideal vehicles to showcase the quality of Carte Noire coffee beans.  We can even arrange for many of these machines to come branded with the famous French coffees branding.  A wide range of branded point of sale material is also available for customers taking this product. For more information about this exciting new development in the UK coffee industry please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Bovril now available again through Kenco In Cup coffee vending system across London

We are delighted to once again have the full complement of soups available through the Kenco In Cup coffee vending machines with the reintroduction of Bovril.  This now gives the option of vegetable, chicken and tomato soups as well as Bovril.  These products are compatible with the Kenco Network, K Bar, Connection and Compact as well as the any Darenth equipment designed to dispense a 76mm paper cup.  There are some other developments in the pipeline with the In Cup range and we look forward to bringing them to you when we have more concrete news.

The In Cup system is ideal for small and medium sized sites that want a simple way of filling their own coffee vending machines.  A range of tea, coffee, chocolate as well as soups are available through this equipment.  We have found that it suits a wide variety of sites ranging from call centres, offices and staff areas in hotels to garages and warehouses.

Of course we can provide a wide range of other hot drinks machines ranging from bean to cup systems that will deliver a high quality cappuccino, latte or espresso to filter coffee machines suitable for the dispense of large quantities of coffee in a short period of time.  To compliment this we also provide snacks and cold drinks machines and can even visit your premises to keep them filled and clean.  All of our machines are backed up by a high quality technical support that is provided by our in-house team of technicians.  we also have our own delivery team who provide a speedy, efficient and friendly service.  the advantage of having all of this “in-house”  is that we have control over the service that we give.  Many of our competitors choose to contract out parts of their operation and by doing so lose the ability to provide the same flexible, bespoke and efficient service that we can.

For more information on the range of In Cup drinks available or to inquire about a coffee vending machine for your workplace please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Kenco Local Business Service to stock range of Twinings tea bags.

We are very excited about the range of Twinings tea bags that we will soon be stocking and hope that these will compliment the offering provided by our wide range of table top bean to cup coffee machines.  Typically these machines offer only coffee based drinks or coffee and chocolate drinks.  The only table top bean to cup coffee machine that will provide coffee, chocolate and tea is the Genesis machine.  This is a very good machine but is large and, to some people, not that aesthetically pleasing.  All of the other table top machines mentioned will provide hot water and as such when combined with the excellent Twinings range of tea bags will provide a great range of teas and infusions to compliment the wide range of coffees available through the Jura and “K” (Krea, Koro, Korinto and Kolbalto) ranges of table top bean to cup coffee machines.   Attractive stands to provide a place to put the tea bags can be provided and will sit next to the coffee machine on a work surface.

We can supply these machines and products across London and the South East of England.  If you are interested in this new range of products then please give the office a call on 0845 061 1122.

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“Like” our Facebook page and win a giant Toblerone chocolate bar

At the end of January 2014 everyone who has “liked” our Facebook page will be entered into a prize draw to win a giant 4.5kg Toblerone chocolate bar.  To find our Facebook page just follow this link

As the year rolls on we will be running more of these draws with those people that have liked our page automatically entered.

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Astro coffee vending machine to be replaced with Canto.

The hugely popular and successful Astro coffee vending machine is being replaced by the Canto from N & W.  Given the success of the Astro, the Canto does have some large shoes to fill but we are confident that it can achieve this.  On the face of it the Canto will offer everything that the Astro did.   However it is not simply a replacement, it offers a great deal more.

The bean to cup version features the new Z4000 brewer as seen on the impressive Krea coffee system.  The instant ingredients mix better thanks to the new Freemix technology and the use of pumps rather than the original gravity fed system.  The Canto touch also  features a 21.5 inch touchscreen that brings the system right up to date.  The touch screen is completely programmable and can be used to run promotional videos if desired or can show the nutritional values for each drink selection.

We are excited to introduce this system into our machine range.  We will bring more news on how this new machine performs on this website and our Facebook page.  For more information about the Canto or any of our equipment range please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Christmas opening times

Our office will be closing at 3pm on Christmas Eve and will re-open at 10am on Friday 27th December.  Our opening times for Friday 27th, Monday 30th and Tuesday the 31st December will be 10am to 4pm.  The office will then be closed on New Years day and open at 9am on January 2nd.  From this point on normal office hours (8.30am to 5pm) will apply.  We will be able to offer full service support over the Christmas period as well as a limited delivery schedule.  If you are unsure please call the office for more details on 0845 061 1122.

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Knorr chicken soup now available to order…………

Following a very successful re-launch of the Knorr vegetable soup a few weeks ago we can now take orders for Knorr chicken soup in the 76mm paper In Cup range.  This is compatible with the Kenco range of In Cup coffee machines.  As before  this will come in a Knorr branded paper cup.

The re-launch of the vegetable soup has been a big success and we are confident that the chicken soup will go down just as well.  For more information on how to order this product please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Krea bean to cup coffee machine a big success

We started supplying the Krea coffee machine about a year ago.  As with all new machines it took a little while for our sales and technical teams to get used to the new machine but it is fair to say that we are now big fans of it.  It offers the same range of bean to cup coffees (such as cappuccino, latte, mocha and espresso) as well as hot chocolate drinks that the highly popular Korinto machine offers.  However in addition to this it also provides a decaffeinated option through an instant coffee canister.  This allows for a range of decaffeinated coffee to be provided.  The Krea also features a new generation of coffee brewer unit that provides greater extraction than the unit used in the Korinto giving the Krea greater scope to provide coffee suited to your specific taste.  Finally there are the relative looks of the machines.  The feeling in our office is that the Krea looks at bit more stylish, although this is clearly a subjective point.

For more information about this new coffee system please give the office a call.  We can provide these machines as well as all of the service support and products that you will need all across London.  The Krea has proved to be a success as both an office coffee machine and in showrooms, meeting areas and receptions.

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