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Kenco Millicano Wholebean Instant Coffee for Vending Machines

Kenco MillicanoKenco Millicano Instant is set to take the vending world by storm. Kenco Millicano is a soluble coffee product that can provide all of the advantages of soluble coffee machines, but with a taste profile approaching that of a bean to cup drink. The advantages of an instant or soluble ingredient machine include a much quicker drink dispense time, a cheaper product cost, a lower machine price and, on average, less maintenance than a bean to cup machine. Kenco Millicano Instant can be used in both floor standing and table top coffee vending machines.

The coffee itself is made from 100% Arabica beans and contains a blend of 15% finely milled coffee beans and 85% freeze dried soluble coffee which instantly delivers the full bodied mouth feel of a bean to cup coffee. This delivers the taste experience as follows:

Appearance – A golden coloured coffee containing a generous presence of fine coffee particles

Aroma – An enticing aroma, reminiscent of roast and ground coffee coupled with fragrant floral notes

Mouthfeel – The mouth feel of this coffee sets it apart from other soluble coffees. It is full bodied with a richness in the mouth which is both indulgent and satisfying

Flavour – A lively, balanced coffee with a smooth full bodied taste and rich aroma reminiscent of a roast and ground coffee

Kenco Millicano

On top of all of this Kenco Millicano is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, so you are not sacrificing your ethics for this high quality coffee.

We can offer attractively branded coffee vending machines that showcase this product or, alternatively, you can run it through your existing equipment.

If you do decide to use Kenco Millicano in your existing machine then it would be worth asking one of our technicians to visit you in order to adjust the ingredient settings to maximise the quality of the coffee.

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