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Office coffee machines come in a range of shapes and sizes from small table top machines suitable for small numbers of people to large capacity bean to cup coffee machines or floor-standing coffee vending machines that will cope with hundreds of members of staff.

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The most popular office coffee machine that we supply is the Kenco Singles machine. This is a very easy to use table top coffee machine that is attractively styled and possesses a small footprint, enabling it to fit into spaces that many other office coffee machines wouldn’t be able to. Most importantly it produces a wide range of high quality filter coffees, teas and indulgent hot chocolate. The Kenco Singles Brewer is also one of our most reliable office coffee machines.

One of our popular bean to cup coffee machines that has proved very successful in the office environment is the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine. It is relatively small and easier to use and live with than many other bean to cup coffee machines. The Korinto produces a range of espresso based coffee drinks including cappuccino, latte, espresso, Americano as well as chocolate and a mocha. We are delighted to offer a range of whole beans for your bean to cup office coffee machines to suit the high expectations of today’s coffee drinkers.

Below is the Kenco range of whole beans:

  • Kenco Westminster is well-rounded and ideal for everyday drinking.
  • Kenco Sustainable Development is full-bodied and ideal for black, white and speciality drinks
  • Kenco Italia is strong and dark with a smoky flavour for those who enjoy an intense espresso experience

At the touch of a button you can enjoy barista quality coffee from our fantastic range of bean to cup systems. With a variety of options for office coffee machines – various sizes, daily cup capacities, drinks selections, fresh milk and cash payment systems are all available in our range of bean to cup office coffee machines. Whatever your requirements there is something to suit your business.

Alternatively you can opt for a larger floor standing coffee vending machine for use in your office. One option would be the Refresh 1400 coffee vending machine. This is a fully automatic drinks machine that offers a wide range of teas, coffees, chocolate, soups and fruit drinks. Alternatively, if you require a floor-standing bean to cup office coffee machine how about the N & W Astro coffee vending machine? It is a fully automatic machine that can produce 9oz or even large coffee shop style 12oz drinks in a paper cup. It can produce a range of coffee specialities, hot chocolate, fresh brew tea, soups and decaffeinated coffee. Either of these machines can be fitted with a variety of payment modules from a full change giving coin mechanism to cashless systems.

Whatever you want from your office coffee machine we have something to suit you. Importantly we have a very experienced sales team that will give you impartial advice on your coffee machine choice. Please call us and we will be happy to help.

Call us today on 0845 061 1122 or email us at: to get one step closer to great drinks and snacks from great vending machines supported by a great personal service.

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