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Soluble Ingredients for your fast dispense coffee equipment.

KencoIf you have coffee machines using soluble ingredients it does not mean that the drink produced has to be of a poor quality, quite the opposite in fact. If you use the Kenco range of soluble coffees you can produce a high quality drink, be it black or white or even a speciality drink such as a cappuccino.

All of the Kenco freeze dried coffees are selected and blended from the finest quality beans to deliver a range of great tasting coffee blends to suit all coffee tastes. Freeze drying the coffee locks in more flavour than other instant formats producing a fuller flavour and all round great taste. The big advantages to using instant coffee ingredients over other coffee types include speed of preparation, a longer shelf life and less weight and volume than beans or ground coffee.

Kenco Really Smooth Roast

A freeze dried instant coffee made with a superior blend of the finest beans, expertly roasted to capture a smooth and mild coffee taste and aroma. Perfect for drinking throughout the day.

Kenco Really Rich Roast

Expert roasting of the finest Arabica beans delivers a full bodied and lively coffee, complimented with just a hint of tangy acidity. Perfect for those who prefer a stronger coffee experience.

Kenco Decaffeinated

A decaffeinated freeze dried instant coffee that delivers a smooth coffee taste and enticing aroma.

Suchard Hot Chocolate

You will also most likely require hot chocolate powder in your soluble ingredient coffee machine, and what better brand to use than Suchard?

Suchard is the world-famous premium chocolate brand that has been enjoyed since 1826. Acclaimed for its rich, satisfying taste, Suchard hot chocolate offers the perfect indulgent treat.

Milfresh Granulated Milk

Health is on everyone's minds. Milfresh is a premium quality, fat free, granulated skimmed milk, made from real milk. The introduction of Milfresh in 2007 has seen a boom in better quality, more authentic and healthier vending drinks emerge.

If you would like good quality ingredients in your coffee vending machine then the Kenco Local Business Service range of soluble vending ingredients has something for you. There are new developments coming in the sector later this year, of which we shall keep you updated

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