A Total Hotel Coffee Solution

If you run a large hotel we can provide a total coffee solution for you, from the breakfast area and restaurant to the bar and conferencing facilities.  Below are some ideas.


Why not try the Zion fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine?  It is a high capacity, high quality bean to cup machine that can provide all of your speciality coffee needs.  Not only does it produce a high quality drink but it looks fantastic too.  It has the option of two different bean hoppers, allowing two type of coffee bean to be used, and a chocolate canister, allowing hot chocolate and mocha to be produced.  Either the Kenco Italia or the Kenco Sustainable Development whole coffee beans would be suitable for use with this machine.

If you prefer the theatre of a traditional espresso machine then how about traditional Cimbali coffee machine.  They look the part, produce the best espresso base that you could wish for and offer that air of class and sophistication that any quality hotel is after.


We can provide to full range of Kenco, Maxwell House coffees and Suchard chocolate drinks sachets.   There are Kenco Smooth, Kenco Decaffeinated and Maxwell House Rich coffees available.  We can also provide the Twinnings enveloped tea bags.

Breakfast Room

The Korinto bean to cup cappuccino coffee machine is ideal for this sort of scenario.  It is stylish, robust, very easy to use and therefore suitable for a self-service area, and produces top quality bean to cup coffee drinks including cappuccino, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, espresso, Americano and hot water.

Alternatively if you wanted a faster dispensing instant product then the Kenco Maxi coffee machine may be the solution for you.  It has four internal canisters: one each for coffee granules, decaffeinated coffee granules,  whitener and chocolate powder.  From these ingredients it will produce cappuccino, latte, espresso, mocha, chocolate, Americano, decaffeinated coffee and hot water.  The machine is phenomenally robust and quick dispensing.  It is ideal to an environment where a large amount of drinks need to be dispensed in quick order.


There really is no better bulk brew coffee equipment than the Bunn range.  Whether you are looking for large stationary bulk brew coffee machines or filter coffee machines that will dispense into portable urns, there is something in the range to suit your requirements.  No matter what size of conferencing event you have to cater for the Bunn range of bulk brew coffee machines will have a solution.

Smaller Meeting Rooms

The Kenco Singles machine is absolutely ideal for a meeting room.  The Kenco Singles capsule range is extensive and offers something for everyone.  The machines produce a high quality filter coffee, are easy to use and require almost no maintenance.  The cherry on the top is the reliability record:   It truly is second to none!  You will not find a more reliable coffee machine anywhere.

Staff Vending

If you would like a coffee vending machine or a snacks vending machine in your staff room we can fulfil your needs.  The Darenth 1400 coffee vending machine is ideal in a staff area.  It’s easy to look after, simple to use and cost effective to run.  The Rondo combination snacks and cold drinks machine will allow you to vend crisps, chocolate bars, cans of soft drinks and a variety of shapes and sizes of bottled soft drinks.

As you can see, whatever your coffee needs we can cater for them.  If you need any advice our sales team are highly experienced and more than happy to help.  We can also offer case studies showing the solutions that we have put together in hotel scenarios.

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