Adjusting to Customer Needs with Minicup Flex Coffee Machines

For many manufacturers keeping up with technological advances is as critical as being sensitive to customer demands. This has led to the launch of the Minicup Flex coffee machines and Style 5 coffee machines. Manufacturers realized as early as the Nineties of the twentieth century that many people who invest in coffee machines don’t really require loads of coffee to be made at one shot. If only one cup is needed at one go, for example when brewing a cup of coffee before rushing off to work because that is all the time you have at your disposal, then it is wasteful to brew more.

The in-cup revolution in coffee machines resulted from this realization. The in-cup systems are easy to use, quick to dispense and require very little maintenance. Manufacturers like Kenco were quick to cash in on this and started offering options on products as varied as coffee, chocolate, tea and soups. The Minicup Flex coffee machines and Style 5 coffee machinesare a carry forward of that dispensing innovation.

Minicup Flex coffee machines offer simple and cost effective hot drinks solutions. There are four or five drink choices like Kenco Rich Roast, Kenco Smooth Roast, PG tips, Knorr Soups and Suchard Hot Chocolate in fully branded paper cups. What is great is that there is an optional sugar dispenser for people to adjust the sweetening to taste and health demands. You can plumb it directly to the mains or fill it manually.

The common factor between the Minicup Flex coffee machines and the Style 5 coffee machine is that both offer payment options for those who don’t want to offer the hot drinks free. They can accept a full change giving coin mechanism. For large organizations, office canteens and other small eateries, the Style 5 coffee machine is ideal with its capacity of up to 500 in-cup drinks and five selections. It combines the very latest technology with the well proven and accepted ‘traditional’ semi-automatic machine format. What’s more it is available with an optional cabinet to make it a floor standing unit.

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