Applications for the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine

One of the big successes in our business over the past couple of years has been the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine.  First and foremost the quality of the coffee it produces is superb.  The extraction from the coffee beans is simply far superior than so many of its competitors.  It is the extraction from the coffee that creates the high quality espresso that forms the base of the variety of coffee specialities that the Korinto can produce.  The machine will produce cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha, Americano, hot chocolate and hot water.  In addition to that the machine can be fitted with a coin pod.  In this instance the user cannot use the machine without inserting the correct money.  This added extra broadens the range of applications that the Korinto can be used for.  

So where can it be used?  Well below are some examples of places that it has been a success in.

Office – For a bean to cup coffee machine it is easy to use and maintain.  The drink it produces rivals anything you will get from a local coffee shop and if it is fitted with a good quality water filter we have found the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine to be very reliable.  Indeed our technicians have been delighted with this machine as they have had so few issues with them.

Hotels– We have placed a number of Korintos in the breakfast and restaurant areas of hotels in self service areas.  The machines are easy to use so suit this environment very well.  The Korinto also produces the type of high quality coffee that you would expect from a quality hotel.

Hospitals– The Korinto bean to cup coffee machine has proved very durable and robust.  This means that they lend themselves to an environment such as a hospital where a large amount of high quality bean to cup drinks need to be produced every day.

Showrooms– With it’s attractive contemporary looks and quality drinks offering the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine has proved to be a great addition to any showroom.

Golf Clubs – When fitted with the optional coin pod the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine is ideal in a self service environment such as a golf club bar.  Often these are unattended for at least part of the day and as such a machine with a payment mechanism is a great idea.  It can simply be left for members to use themselves as the machine will not dispense a drink unless payment has been made into the coin pod that sits alongside the machine.  Indeed these coffee machines have often become great revenue generators for golf clubs.

All in all we have been delighted with the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine.  It is durable, stylish, easy to maintain, reliable, and perhaps most importantly, produces a great cappuccino!

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