Buy the Jura X9 Coffee Machine with Confidence

The Jura X9 is the company’s flagship commercial coffee machine . The joys of getting a steaming hot beverage brewed from fresh roasted beans have to be experienced to be believed. The Jura X9 coffee machine is a super automatic system which depends on one touch for production. It is like your personal robotic barista. Since the instructions are simple and easy to follow, you don’t really need to be a technician to set it up. No special training is required for you to brew a fine cappuccino or that exquisite mocha which people keep asking for.

In fact, you don’t even need to move the cup around as the Jura X9 coffee machine has the ability to make a cappuccino with milk and froth at the touch of a button. It will also let you know when the bean hopper needs a refill since it has an in-built bean monitoring mechanism. And you don’t need to break into a sweat if you can’t attach it to the mains water. Just fill its water tank which has a capacity of 5 liters and it will warn you when the tank needs a refill.

If you desire an espresso or a long black, the Jura X9 will give you just that since it has a separate hot water and steam nozzle. Its sophisticated automatic frothing system for perfect cappuccino/latte and flat white is backed by separate heating systems for steam and coffee. The biggest nightmare of anyone dealing with coffee machines — water scaling and cleaning the system — has been addressed in the Jura X9 coffee machines with the Jura patented automatic cleaning and descaling.

This technical marvel called Jura X9 was launched by the company in response to demand for mid-use commercial coffee machines . So if you have a medium sized shop, boutique, eatery or office where you need to serve around a hundred cups of coffee on a daily basis, then the Jura X9 coffee machine is just the model for you. Remember, it is a luxury item and not meant for heavy duty work. There are other more rugged models for that.

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