Coffee Machine Lease and Rental

 Many times our customers will choose to rent or lease their coffee machine.  We offer both options.  The differences are below:

Coffee Machine Lease

This is an option that is great for your cash flow but does involve a fixed term of at least 3 years and can be as much as 5 years.  It is facilitated by an external leasing company who finance the equipment.  Your actual agreement would be with the lease company.  In this instance you need to make sure that your coffee machine comes with a warranty as the lease agreement will not necessarily offer one.  In fact in most cases it does not.  When we lease a coffee machine to our customers we always provide a lease for at least the minimum term of the lease but many times our competitors do not.

Coffee Machine Rental

In this instance Kenco Local Business Service actually directly finance the coffee machine and rent it to our customer with quarterly invoices.  Obviously this does expose us to much more risk so we do budget how many coffee machines and vending machines we will rent directly in a year.  The advantage to coffee machine rental is that we can offer more flexible terms to our customers with shorter terms and, occasionally, options to upgrade the equipment within the contract.  This flexibility with our coffee machine rental options sets us apart from many of our competitors. 

Often we offer coffee machine rental on refurbished equipment and coffee machine leasing on new equipment.  having said this we are very flexible and there are instances where we will offer a coffee machine rental on a new machine so please feel free to ask!  For more details please call the office on 01494 785808.

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