Ensure Your Coffee from the Industrial Coffee Machine Tastes Right

Someone running a cafeteria or restaurant needs to serve several gallons of coffee over the course of a month. A simple way to make one’s life easier would be to install coffee vending machines. If the daily offtake is huge then an industrial coffee machine would be an even better proposition. The issue then arises is that does your coffee always taste great to ensure your customers keep coming back for more?

Stand back and take a look at what your coffee vending machines do for you? Are they one of those models where you simply insert T Discs and the machines do the rest for you? Or is your industrial coffee machine offering you beans to cup options? The latter model means that you need to be very careful about the quality, freshness, degree of roasting of the coffee beans being supplied to you. Check to see how the beans were stored before being supplied to you. Are you certain that you are storing the beans in airtight containers? Coffee beans oxidize quickly when exposed to air and oxidized coffee tastes flat with little aroma and no subtle flavors. In addition, coffee beans also pick up flavors in the air e.g. onions, garlic, fuel oil etc.

An equally important aspect is the regular cleaning of the industrial coffee machine. Remember that coffee beans are filled with oil. When they are ground and brewed the oils adhere to the machine. If the brewer, grinder and coffee equipment are not cleaned regularly the oils will turn rancid and create a sour or fishy taste – the last kind of taste you want in your coffee! And, it is not only the industrial coffee machine or coffee vending machine which requires careful cleaning. If you use disposable cups, check the smell of the material used to make it – whether it masks the fragrance of the fresh coffee. Otherwise, if you use ceramic cups, run them twice in the dishwasher – once with detergent and once with clear water – to ensure that the cups are not smelly.

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