Full Line Vending Machines or Coffee Vending Machines?

Many people who are new to the vending business are unsure what they should start with — full line vending machines or coffee vending machines. The issue that many companies which opted for full line vending machines faced was that their specific choices/preferences were not necessarily fulfilled. This created resistance among the personnel and even managers who could not get what they really wanted but had to take products they did not really want.

Most full line vendors are small, independent operators. Often, they can have the existing vendor’s machines removed and get permission to install their own machines by promising to lower prices, stock the machine with the staff’s favorite candies, or provide better service (e.g. servicing the machine the same day if a bill validator becomes jammed). So it all depends on what you want to or need to serve your personnel. If all you really need to do is serve hot drinks on a regular measure, then don’t waste money on a full line vending machine.

Your best bet in such a scenario is the coffee vending machine. Most coffee vending machines will serve much more than a steaming hot cup of fragrant coffee which seems to have been brewed from fresh roasted coffee beans. Depending on the kind of coffee vending machine which you invest in, it should be able to dispense tea, chocolate and branded health drinks like Bourvita and Bovril too. So these coffee vending machines prove to be the perfect hot drinks solution for commercial environments and busy offices. As for the varieties in coffee – they extend from freshly ground coffee, instant, espresso to cappuccino and decaffeinated.

The full line vending machines are really needed only if you need to service staff 24×7 and offer snacks and mini-meals, not just liquid refreshment. The best thing about such vending machines is that they will also offer a range of cold drinks – oh! so necessary on days when the mercury is shooting upwards.

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