Get Your Coffee Fresh from the Beans with Your Jura XS90 Coffee Machine

So you are fussy about your coffee? The Jura XS90 is here to ensure that you always get your coffee the way you want it and in as many as 12 varieties. You don’t need to train to be a barista to get barista quality coffee. The Jura XS90 coffee machine has such a simple push button technology that all you need to know is how to read the options; make your choice and press the relevant button/s. Just a warning: this coffee machine will give you only coffee and no other kinds of hot drinks.

While classic coffees and espressos are common enough, you might want to offer something that is classy or at least different from the coffee you normally use. The Jura XS90 is wonderful in this respect; especially if you have use for it in your home or the reception room of your office. Remember that the Jura XS90 coffee machine is designed for gentle use. So don’t opt for it if need to serve more than 50 cups a day. Like all bean to cup models it is designed with a built-in coffee grinder. Simply pour in whole beans and the Jura XS90 coffee machine will do the rest: grinding, tamping and dispensing at the touch of button. All that’s left is for you to drink your steaming hot beverage—espresso, lattes, Americanos, mochas — straight from the bean within a minute.

If you are entertaining friends who may have just dropped in or you want to serve the coffee as an after dinner drink, mochas are a hit most of the time. While you might rely on the Jura XS90 for the job, improvisations can add that personal touch which guests always appreciate. You can add whipped cream on top of the milk froth and then sprinkle the cocoa. For variety you can replace the powder with chocolate syrup. In this way the mocha will be denser and sweeter. Usually the mocha has a lighter body than an espresso, so if you are serving it as a substitute for dessert, this would be preferable at most of the times.

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