Getting the Perfect Brew with the Tassimo Professional Coffee Machine

The Tassimo professional is built to give you the perfect brew when it makes your coffee. This is because the Tassimo professional coffee machine is designed to help you personalize your brew to your taste. Its integrated LCD display gives you prompts to help you adjust the strength and milk levels of your brew. The T Discs are an integral part of the Tassimo professional system. These patented and specially designed single servings have a unique shape that fits in the machine, guiding the flow of water to prepare the beverage. Once you insert your choice of T Disc, the machine will scan the bar code on your T Disc to ensure your drink is delivered at the right temperature, pressure and volume. Each T Disc contains an expertly measured portion of ground coffee. Check before buying that the T Disc is of the kind of coffee – medium roast or smoky – that you want the final output to taste of.

Quite often we don’t appreciate the importance of temperature in relation to the quality of the brewed coffee. Great coffee is brewed at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When you use a Tassimo professional coffee machine, you definitely don’t need to worry about getting the temperature right. Remember, brewing coffee below 195 degrees creates a thin and sour taste. Brewing over 205 degrees creates a bitter and acidic taste.

The Tassimo professional will give you much more than a great cup of coffee. It is designed to give you a variety of beverages ranging from espressos to Americanos, cappuccinos and lattes, apart from hot chocolates and tea. Remember, the perfect espresso is a balanced combination of great taste, aroma and appearance or crème. In the Tassimo professional coffee machine, espresso is made using high pressure that forces water through compacted coffee grinds. This action extracts the solids, trapped gases and oils from the dry coffee to create the espresso.

If you have a Tassimo professional installed in your home, office, shop or restaurant, then you are in clover. Make the most of it.

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