Jura Giga X7 bean to cup coffee machine on trial in our office!

On Friday we took delivery on our first Jura Giga X7 bean to cup coffee machine.  This morning we have installed it in our office.  For the purposes of research you understand!!  All of our staff that have used it have been delighted with this new addition to our coffee machine range.  It has been producing cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, americanos and even numerous measures of hot steamed milk for hot chocolate.  It really has made the day fly by.  The only problem may be getting to sleep tonight as our collective caffeine intake has been astronomical!

One thing it has proven is that the Jura Giga X7 is ideal as an office coffee machine.  It copes well with a lot of use, is easy to use. attractive to look at and, most importantly, will produce a cappuccino that is a match for anything that you will find on the High Street.  If you would like to improve your coffee offering in your office please give us a call.

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