Jura Giga X9 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Jura Giga X9 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

At Kenco Local Business Service we have just placed our first order for the new Jura Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine.  Our sales team were lucky enough to attend the South of England launch of the machine at the Holiday Inn, Heathrow this week.  I can speak for all of us and say that we were blown away by the new Jura range of Giga coffee machines.  As an office coffee machine you simply can’t beat them for quality and looks.

So what’s different from the existing Jura Impressa X9 I hear you ask?  A great many things is the answer.

Firstly the looks are much improved.  Whilst the Jura Impressa X 9 is a nice looking coffee machine the Giga is truly contemporary, stylish and cutting edge in its design.  It would suit any environment including the most modern and attractive offices or perhaps a stylish café or wine bar.

The Jura Giga X9 also now includes three pumps and thermoblocks to further increase its capacity.  This machine will now comfortably produce over 200 drinks per day.  It is also possible to produce 2 cappuccinos or lattes at once or produce an espresso and hot frothed milk at the same time.

The TFT display will walk you through every operation of the machine from drink preparation to the various cleaning and descaling cycles.  It really is very easy to use both as a consumer or as the person that is tasked with cleaning and filling the machine.

Another innovation that we were delighted to see is the plumbing connection.  It now has a “proper” 22mm screw on connection rather than the ball cock arrangement that requires a hole being drilled into the tank.  We think this is a huge step forward and improves the functionality of the machine.

It is also now easier to adjust the drinks to take more or less coffee from each coffee bean hopper allowing the consumer to get a drink that really is exactly what they want.  It allows you to have a decaf option or a darker and lighter coffee option.  These options are available on all of the coffee based drinks that the machine produces.

We are very excited about launching the new Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine.  We think that it is ideal as an office coffee machineor for use in restaurant, café and bar areas.  If you are looking for a cappuccino machine you can’t go wrong with this Jura!  To find out more about the Giga X9 coffee machine please give us a call.

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