Kenco In Cup Coffee Vending Machines

If you are looking for a coffee vending machine for your office or factory then an often overlooked system is the in cup system.  These days we get a lot of requests for bean to cup coffee vending machines as our customers assume that these are  going to produce a better quality of drink.  Often they do but they do need more cleaning and you have to ensure that the beans are used quickly enough to keep them fresh.  The bean to cup systems also take much longer to produce each drink.  Bean to cup coffee machines can work in an office or warehouse environment but you must consider the cleaning, the speed of drink delivery and the freshness of the coffee beans not to mention the higher cost of the equipment itself.

A decent alternative in certain situation is the Kenco In Cup system which uses instant coffee granules, tea bags or chocolate powder.  These are pre-packed in the cups.  These cups are stacked in sleeves of 25.  The machines then simply add the hot water, and if requested, sugar.  On the face of it this may not sound as appealing as a freshly brewed bean to cup coffee but it does have certain advantages.  The quality is consistent and you have less worry about the freshness of the coffee, the machines require an awful lot less cleaning, they are easy to load and maintain, the machines are cheaper and the drink delivery is much, much quicker than bean to cup.  The Kenco In Cup range includes a variety of white and black coffees, black and white PG Tips tea, Suchard chocolate, Kenco Cappio, Knorr soups and Orange fruit drink.

If you are looking for a floor standing in cup coffee machine then the Darenth Refresh 1400 is a good bet.  It is fully automatic, has 10 choices and an internal sugar dispenser.  It is a good choice as an office coffee machine for a site with over thirty employees.

The Darenth Style 5 is ideal as a smaller office coffee machine or in a garage or trade counter.  It has five choices as well as a sugar dispenser.  It is phenomenally robust and attractively styled.  It also could not be easier to maintain.

It is not always an easy choice deciding what office coffee machine is the best for your site.  We are always happy to give advice and arrange to visit you in order to assess what equipment would be most suitable.  Please call the office to arrange for one of our coffee experts to visit your site.

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