Kenco Singles Machine – A Versatile Coffee Vending Machine

The Kenco Singles machine is our most popular coffee vending machine and very versatile indeed.  We have placed it in offices, meeting rooms, conference facilities, hotels, showrooms, pubs and restaurants amongst others.  The reason for the Kenco Singles machine’s wide ranging appeal is that it offers a variety of good quality filter coffees, the best tea that you will get from a hot drinks vending machine and a quality branded chocolate (Suchards).  It’s small footprint allows it to fit into spaces that would be impossible for many machines whilst with it’s newly designed door it still looks contemporary, stylish and carries the impact of the Kenco brand.

Even after considering all of these benefits perhaps the thing that makes this coffee machine quite so popular is how simple it is to look after.  It requires less cleaning than almost any other coffee machine, all the programming that it does require (which is very little indeed) is performed through two easily accessed buttons and it does not require cleaning or descaling cycles to be run on a regular basis.

All of these points are good reasons to consider the Kenco Singles brewer as your office coffee machine.  However when you add in the fact that the Kenco Singles machine is the most reliable coffee machine that we offer you really must agree that you will be hard pressed to find another machine that offers all of these benefits.

Here at Kenco Local Business Service we pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive suppliers of Kenco Singles capsules and Kenco Singles machines in the London and Home Counties area.  In addition to this our delivery times and service response times are second to none and we employ our own technicians to provide the technical back up for all of the coffee machines that we supply.  This allows us a much greater degree of flexibility and competitiveness than many of our competitors who rely on outsourcing all of their service work to outside companies.

All in all if you have decided that the Kenco Singles machine is the coffee machine system for you then you will struggle to find a better all round package than the one that Kenco Local Business Service offer.  Call us on 01494 785808 to find out more.

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