Kenco Singles Machine Coin Pod

A lot of people assume that you cannot fit a payment system to the Kenco Singles machine.  This is actually not the case.  You can actually fit a validator system to the Kenco Singles machine.  This enables you to charge for the drinks.  In other words you will not be able to insert one of the Kenco Singles capsules to make a drink without making a payment.  The validator will accept all coin denominations up to and including a £1 coin.  One thing to remember is that the validator does not give change.

The validator allows the Kenco Singles brewer to be used in self service scenarios where it is necessary to make a charge for the drinks.  A good example of this are golf clubs.  Often the bar is unmanned but there is a need for good quality filter coffee and tea.  The Kenco Singles machine can be left unattended and members can make their own drinks after paying the vend price through the validator.  The machine is simple to use and fits into this environment perfectly.

Another common application for the validator unit is when a Kenco Singles machine is placed in an office environment and the business owner would like to keep a lid on costs.  As the employer you are able to pass some or all of the costs onto your employees.

The Kenco Singles drinks range is wide and varied.  There is a drink for almost every environment and to suit most palettes.  You can provide a range of high quality filter coffees, leaf teas, Suchard hot chocolate, Peppermint infusion and Kenco Cappio.

The Kenco Singles machine itself is easy to use, easy to maintain, exceptionally reliable and our best selling coffee machine.  With the validator option it lends itself to many more situations than before.  Please call the office for more details.

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